Why Bingo Rocks!

Yeah, Bingo Rocks!

Why does Bingo rock?  Well, after just attending my first Bingo Night at my Kindergartner’s school I’ll tell you why-

  • Bingo is easy
  • Bingo is fun
  • Everyone has an equal chance of winning!
  • It’s inexpensive
  • It involves PRIZES, and who among us, doesn’t love prizes!
  • It also involves snacks
  • It’s a social thing, so nobody is ‘ULTRA ANGRY COMPETITIVE’
  • You can be a little distracted, and still do well (see first point above)
  • A Kindergartner can win (my son won a Cooler and Beach Towel)!
  • and last but not least, it’s a nice family activity

Or maybe, I’m just getting old older…

Do I sound like your Grandmother??

    Have You Ever Seen A Snowman Tomato? I Have

    “Mom! We gotta get a picture of this!”

    It’s a tomato… but it’s way more than that,

    according to my son, it’s a ‘snowman tomato’.

    It’s 2 tomatoes grown together… I think…

    Very Cool!  The coolness of this tomato did not stop my son from

    immediately eating it after this picture was taken, however…

    Sorry Mr. Tomato, a 6-year-old’s loyalty is brief and fleeting

    Total Bliss: My First Trip EVER To Target… BY MYSELF!

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    Target Logo   Where are the words?  How does one begin to explain bliss?

    A calmness, an unhurriedness (I don’t think that’s a word- but it should be)…   I just took my first trip to Target by myself… I mean EVER! 

    I had time to look for things,

    I made a list, 

    I stocked up paper supplies for the house- toilet paper, paper towels, napkins (Paper supplies are always less expensive at Target)!

    I bought myself a new curling iron: I’ve been meaning to do that for MONTHS!

    I found a great pair of pajama pants that I ACTUALLY GOT TO TRY ON!

    I bought my son a polo shirt with Bears on it (his favorite animal) for $7.99,

    I saw 3 moms I knew there!

    I told 1 of them that it was my first trip to Target By Myself, to which she smiled and replied,


    I was literally= giddy.

    It’s the little things in life, isn’t it?



    Check Out My Shoes!

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    Check Out My Shoes


    Jodifur’s Shoe Friday!


    Have a Great Weekend!



    Be Inspired… By Susan Boyle

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    If you have been under a rock, as I sometimes find myself,

    or busy getting playdough out of the rug,

    you may not have seen this video of Susan Boyle,

    a 47-year-old unemployed woman who lives with her cat,

    in a small village.

    She was on Britain’s Got Talent


    Warning: This will move you to tears, good tears.

    Simon was even moved…

    If you haven’t heard her yet- Here she is…

    What is so inspiring about her is that she reminds us that we all have a special gift inside us, that only we can bring to the world… discover and use your gift.


    *I would have put the video right here but you cannot get it off of youtube anymore, you have to go to youtube and watch yourself, which explains the above link… enjoy!*



    A little Trick (Tip) to make your bed(room) ‘Company Ready’

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    This falls under the category that I’ve come up with called, ‘The Cool in Everyday Life’.  From time to time I share little tips that I’ve found for making life a little bit easier…

    just a little, this isn’t a rocket science blog.

    So, here it is.  (Shout-out to my mother-in-law for sharing this with me.)

    Whatever your bedspread or color scheme for your bedroom, you probably have ‘good pillow cases’ that match your bedspread.  We have a navy blue comforter with matching sheets, with our bedroom accents in navy blue too, you get the picture.  But I have a bunch of different sheet sets in various blue shades that I’ve picked up at sales, or because they’ve advertised to be VERY soft, etc.

    SO, I always have four pillow cases (and pillows, obviously) on our bed in various shades of blue, blue sheets of various shades and the navy blue comforter (it’s a duvet cover, you take out the comforter part in the summer).

    SO HERE’S THE TIP: I bought 2 extra pillows (at Target) and put my ‘nice-company-coming-over’ navy blue pillow cases on them and put them in my bedroom closet.  NOW, when company is coming over: I take them out, put them in front of whatever pillows are already on the bed and- Bingo!

    The bed looks all-pulled-together.  My pillows match my comforter and have ‘accent’ blue pillows under them.  But I always have the ‘good pillows with pillowcases’ clean and ready to throw on the bed!

    Again, this isn’t rocket science, but you’d be surprised at the amount of time is saves you and how much better your bedroom looks in moments!

    Try this during the holiday season… and thank me later.


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    I’m continuing a series I call ‘The Cool In Everyday Life’. From time to time I’m highlighting stuff I’ve encountered that is just VERY COOL. Last time it was that cool video, before that it was a very cool pizza cutter (this isn’t rocket science, okay?).

    Today, it is butterflies! I took these pictures myself.

    Now before you gasp and think we have beautiful wildflowers all over our backyard and butterflies are frolicking to and fro, let me self- disclose: I took these pictures at the butterfly house at Hershey Park when we went this summer.

    But I did take these pictures with my own camera and they do show that every once-in-a-while, when you need a smile… all you need is a butterfly!


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    This is an awesome video. It’s the first video I’ve ever put on my blog. It’s 4 minutes long… sometimes an eternity for a blogger, but this video is worth it. It will make you smile and may bring a joyous tear to your eye. I’m not kidding.

    So click on it and watch. No one is so busy that they don’t have 4 minutes to become inspired…

    and by all things- just dancing… NOW CLICK.

    This is Matt Harding. Check out his website to find out where he is now and watch equally entertaining and fun outtakes.

    * Special thanks to Peter Shankman, the PR Guru for sharing this!

    A PIZZA CUTTER: The Cool in Everyday Life

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    I’m starting an occasional feature called

    ‘The Cool in Everyday Life’.

    This is not about how very cool it is to be the mother of a 4-year-old. It is very cool to have a little guy to hang around with and see the world through his eyes.

    This is about cool, practical stuff. It’s not rocket science.

    Here it goes.

    Last fall I went to HomeGoods. (Yes, I’ve been since.)
    I LOVE this store.

    It is a great place to find presents and fun, cute stuff for every room in your house AND everything is discounted 20- 60%. If you’ve never been- go!

    I found this super cool PINK pizza cutter and bought it for my mother-in-law. I started wheeling my cart away and said to myself – STOP!
    ‘Nicole, get another one for yourself; you are going to go home and John will say, ‘that’s really cool, did you get one for us?’ And I’ll say no. Why do I always do that?’

    So I went back and picked up another one for our family. It’s very cute. But more importantly – it’s a really good pizza cutter and it has this cool, safe, protective cover… a must with little ones running around. By the way, it’s by Cuisinart.

    This is just a pizza cutter. But it’s the best pizza cutter I’ve ever had.

    Like I said above, this isn’t rocket science…
    but if you were spending a lot of time today pondering which pizza cutter to buy- it’s the perfect post!


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    sunday-morning.jpgIt is so nice every once in a while to have nothing to do.

    Sitting around, drinking coffee and tea and reading the paper is precious. The grocery shopping is done. Birthday parties have been attended. Halloween costumes are ready and the house is clean. It is a moment of Zen.

    Wouldn’t life be grand if it were always like this? No running around, no rushing!

    No hopping in the car, no playdates, no taking on new tasks…

    Sounds kinda boring…

    Good thing it only happens once in a blue moon.

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