How Can I Be 40 and Not Know This?!… Again!

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Berlin Marathon, from Wikipedia

Do you know that a Marathon is 26.2 miles long?

Yes, I know that too.

BUT– Do you know

WHY a Marathon is

26.2 miles long??

Anyone? Anyone?

… We’re driving to dinner the other night and I see one of those oval stickers on the back of an SUV that says- ‘26.2’.  And it got me thinking about marathons, so I ask my husband,

“Why are marathons 26.2 miles long?  Why aren’t they 25 miles long, or just 26 miles long?”  He thought about it for a minute and said,

“I think 26.2 miles is the distance from Marathon to Athens.  I think a runner ran from the battle of Marathon all the way to Athens to tell people they won.”

I looked at my husband, he looked at me, our 6-year-old looked at us, we all looked at each other… with approval… and I replied,

“Well, if that’s NOT why marathons are 26.2 miles, that sounds like a REALLY GOOD ANSWER… I’d totally believe that.”

By this time, we’re all laughing and are set to Google it when we get home-

AND SURE ENOUGH- My Guy is right!

SO– marathons are 26.2 miles because that is the distance a soldier ran from the battle of Marathon to Athens, to tell of their victory…

Just another day here educating myself… and the world,

Talk amongst yourselves…

DC Metro Moms is Closing… Sniff

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It’s with a heavy heart… and SHOCK that I write

that DC Metro Moms is closing… for now.

We’ll continue in some capacity, we’re already working on it.

I love the women I’ve met throughout my time as a contributor

to DC Metro Moms.

And I thank DC Metro Moms for teaching me about online communities and social media.  I’m shocked and saddened, and I’m also taking this as a life lesson and business lesson.  I realize that social media and blogging communities take A TON more work than people think…

I’m keeping my eyes and ears open… and my heart open as we, DC Metro Mom contributors, go forward to stay together and work together- to keep moms and dads connected…

In the Nation’s Capital.

The Best Way To Forget Your Troubles

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‘The Best Way To Forget Your Troubles,

is To Wear Tight Shoes.’

I just got this in an email.  It’s so true.  If you’re wearing tight shoes, nothing else really matters, does it?  But this becomes a way to look at life.  Get yourself comfortable shoes.  Get yourself cute shoes.  Don’t buy shoes that hurt your feet.  Don’t surround yourself with anything that hurts you.  Life’s fun.  Don’t worry, things usually work out.

Take it one day or hour at a time.  If you’re holding a baby, take it one moment at a time (they grow up fast).  Relax.  Get a good night’s sleep.  Clean out your closets.  Live today like you have everything crossed off your list and done.  Take a little time for yourself… Relax.

Quotable Friday

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I’m putting this quote up a day early because I will be a Kindergarten Helper all day tomorrow at Field Day, I think I’ll be tying a lot of shoelaces and stuff like that… but get ready- this quote is great!!!!

“If you know what to do to reach your goal,

it’s not a big enough goal.”

Bob Proctor

Happy HCYH Day !!!!!

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From one Mom to another…

Today is National ‘HOLY CRAP YOU’RE  HOT’ Day!

Send this to someone gorgeous,

but don’t send it back to me,

I’ve been getting this message all freakin’ day!


Mom! Can I Have A Urinal ?!

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We recently went out to dinner… that’s not uncommon.  I had to excuse myself to go to the restroom, and my son announced that he had to go too… that’s not uncommon.

We each finished our business and were washing our hands and my son said,

“I really like those stand-up toilets.  You guys (irony, maybe?) don’t have them in here.”

I told him that stand-up toilets, or rather urinals, were just in men’s bathrooms (and he didn’t ask me why… yey).

So he decided right then and there, that ‘he was going to have Dad take him to the bathroom from now on.’

Yey Again!  Cool!  My husband and I don’t have to give each other the look when we are seated, ready to eat, and our son says he has to go to the bathroom!  It’s all him now!  Our little guy has become a Big Guy and he wants to use stand-up toilets!  Hurray!

So none of this is all that uncommon… until we got home,

and my son asked in a very sweet voice, as I’m tucking him into bed,

“Mom, can I have a urinal?…  Can we get a urinal when we put an addition on our house?”

Click Here to Continue Reading at DC Metro Moms…

Have You Ever Seen A Snowman Tomato? I Have

“Mom! We gotta get a picture of this!”

It’s a tomato… but it’s way more than that,

according to my son, it’s a ‘snowman tomato’.

It’s 2 tomatoes grown together… I think…

Very Cool!  The coolness of this tomato did not stop my son from

immediately eating it after this picture was taken, however…

Sorry Mr. Tomato, a 6-year-old’s loyalty is brief and fleeting

Who Knew Deviled Eggs Were This Easy?

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The Short Answer to that question is…

probably everyone but me.

BUT, for everyone else out there who has never attempted to make deviled eggs,

because, like me, you thought they were

‘so complicated’ and

‘kinda gourmet’,

But really you think,

‘Why make them when you can buy them already made in the grocery store, and even-in-a-cute ‘deviled egg container’? …

Well, I’m here to tell you- Deviled Eggs are incredibly EASY to make,

Incredibly QUICK to make,

And I’m sure you have all the ingredients in your pantry already…

READY?  Here we go-

Boil eggs.

Cut them in half.

Remove the yolks,

and mix them with



and a touch of vinegar…

Yeah, that’s it…

Add a touch of paprika on top for a nice little spice.

And Yeah, that’s it.

I’m feeling like,

‘How have I been alive for this long and never knew this?  How can I have been a mother for this long and never attempted this before?  Who knows how many ‘hard’ things out there… are really pretty easy?!  I bet you poached eggs aren’t that hard either!’

So now you know,

and you’re the Cool Mom… with deviled eggs for snacks!

It’s Hump Day… and Hump Day isn’t so bad

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Wednesday, Hump Day It’s Wednesday… Hump Day.

According to Wikipedia:

‘An American English idiom for Wednesday is “hump day”,

a reference to making it through to the middle of the work week as getting “over the hump.”‘

Yeah, I got that…

But then it goes on to say-

‘In Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, the disagreeable nature of the weather is attributed to it being “Winds-Day” (a play on “Wednesday”).  In Richard Brautigan‘s In Watermelon Sugar Wednesday is the day when the sun shines grey.’


‘In the 1945 John Steinbeck novel Sweet Thursday, the titular day is preceded by “Lousy Wednesday”.’

What Happened to ‘Happy Hump Day!’    ?

I like Wednesdays…

You are, as mentioned above, ‘Over the Hump’,

but still have time to have a productive week,

and get things done…

So where has the love for Wednesday gone?

Do you like Wednesdays?

Am I the only one?

…Again, where’s the love?

It’s Reaching 70 Degrees Today and We Were Skiing 3 Days Ago!

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Skiing! What’s the old saying?

‘If you don’t like the weather in DC, just wait a day, and it will change!’

Well, that couldn’t be more true…

Sunday we were skiing!

My son took his first ski lesson ever and took to it like he was ‘a natural’ !

I’m so excited!

And so was he.

skiing 2

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