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I was planning on ending the week highlighting SpiritJava.  As you can see in the logo, SpiritJava consists of ‘Caffeinated Meditations’.  If you click here you can enter your name and email and receive at the start of each day a quote, and a few lines written by Gregg Kennard.  

Imagine my surprise when I opened this morning’s SpiritJava email and it was about Susan Boyle, the same as my post yesterday…

Here it is:

“I dreamed a dream…” Susan Boyle’s excerpt from Les Miserable 

The Britain’s Got Talent contestant’s dream is coming true. Good for her.

God’s desire is that all of our dreams come true. It may require some patience, persistence, courage, and action, but manifestation of your best life is definitely what God is about.

He put the dream and desire in you, so keep believing, hoping, and moving forward. 

You never know when that defining moment may come. A week ago, Susan Boyle was in virtual obscurity, now she is a household name, an international star. 

Keep dreaming!


How’s that for Karma?

I love starting out each day with my SpiritJava email,

it is a reminder to decide at the start of each day, to go into that day with the intention of it being your best day yet…

and that’s pretty important, after all, you’re living it, it’s your day!


Check it out!



Be Inspired… By Susan Boyle

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If you have been under a rock, as I sometimes find myself,

or busy getting playdough out of the rug,

you may not have seen this video of Susan Boyle,

a 47-year-old unemployed woman who lives with her cat,

in a small village.

She was on Britain’s Got Talent


Warning: This will move you to tears, good tears.

Simon was even moved…

If you haven’t heard her yet- Here she is…

What is so inspiring about her is that she reminds us that we all have a special gift inside us, that only we can bring to the world… discover and use your gift.


*I would have put the video right here but you cannot get it off of youtube anymore, you have to go to youtube and watch yourself, which explains the above link… enjoy!*



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