What Are THE RULES of the Tooth Fairy?

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I just learned something of vital importance in the real world of little boys and little girls…

The Tooth Fairy.

Yes, the tooth fairy is up there with Santa… at least in our house.

My son recently lost his first tooth- and he’s OVER THE MOON ABOUT IT!

There is even a ‘tooth chart’ in his classroom.  You get on the chart when,

you guessed it, you lose a tooth.

But what are the rules of the tooth fairy?  Lots of kids we know have gotten presents from the tooth fairy; a quarter doesn’t cut it anymore.

So when the tooth fairy visited our house, he or she left 6 dollars (because my son is 6) and a whiffle ball and bat.  The tooth fairy also wanted me to tell my son that the 6 dollars was a one-time-thing, for his FIRST tooth.  He/She will be leaving a dollar from now on.

A fellow mom friend explained to my son and hers why different kids get different things from the tooth fairy:

“I think there are lots of tooth fairies and there are boy tooth fairies too.  I think there is at least a few per zip code.  I mean, there are lots of kids out there.”

And my son nodded in agreement like, ‘of course, that’s why kids get different presents from the tooth fairy… because they are different fairies, and some like to give dollars and some give whiffle bats and balls and some wrap their presents and some do not!’

And so, in my son’s mind, there are lots of fairies all around, watching for ‘falling teeth’ and ready to work, when we go to bed.

That’s not a bad place to be.

Have You Ever Seen A Snowman Tomato? I Have

“Mom! We gotta get a picture of this!”

It’s a tomato… but it’s way more than that,

according to my son, it’s a ‘snowman tomato’.

It’s 2 tomatoes grown together… I think…

Very Cool!  The coolness of this tomato did not stop my son from

immediately eating it after this picture was taken, however…

Sorry Mr. Tomato, a 6-year-old’s loyalty is brief and fleeting

I Told My Son Leprechauns Are Pretend… And Now His Class is Making Leprechaun Traps… Woops!

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leprechaun So I’m The Grinch…

I didn’t mean to be, but I am…

A few weeks ago my son and I read a book before bed about St.Patrick’s Day, and he asked me,

“Mom, are Leprechauns Real?”

My answer, “No sweetheart, they’re not real, they’re pretend.”  And he was fine with that and I didn’t think another thing about it.  He wasn’t upset or anything.  And I didn’t think I was violating any ‘unwritten rules’ of childhood…

So last week a project sheet was sent home in his backpack announcing that all the kindergartners were to make

Leprechaun Traps

at home, and bring them in on St. Patrick’s Day… to try and catch a… Yep, a Leprechaun.

My son and husband have been working on a ‘Trap’ for a few days now.  It’s sitting on our Dining Room table.

Now here’s the clincher: I haven’t ruined anything for my son by telling him leprechauns are just pretend because…

wait for it…

His teacher told the class they are real…   so my son thinks I’m just misinformed… wrong even.

My son totally thinks Leprechauns are real…

Whew!  Thank God for 6-year-olds’ suspension-of-disbelief!

But, just a question: Where is it written that leprechauns qualify for the

‘Yes, they’re real, sweetheart, always BELIEVE’ category…

I wish there was a book.

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