The Washington Nationals and Buick !

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The Nats !

What’s better than taking the 2015 Buick Regal GS to Nationals Park?
Taking the Buick Regal to Nationals Park… and THE NATS Winning 9- 5 against the Brewers !!!

Out losing streak is OVER !!!!

And it’s all thanks to GM, and the GM East Team!

Well, not really, but it’s fun to think that the Buick Regal gave off some good luck for the Nats !!

The drive on this car is Phenomenal !!

Our family has taken this car everywhere this week- shopping, to Adventure Park, to the Montgomery County Fair, out to lunch and out to dinner,

and to top off the week- we took it down to watch the Nationals play- AND THEY WON !!!

No better way to end our week with this wonderful car and this Great American Car Company !!

Thanks GM !!

The 2015 Buick Regal

The 2015 Buick Regal

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & …Buick!

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IMG_4040 We have been having A Ball (no pun intended)
with the
this past week!

We could not have made it to
ALL our family’s
Baseball games
without it!


We fit ALL the team gear –
the bases,
the team bats,
the catcher’s gear-
in the

We Had a WONDERFUL Weekend
Full of Baseball Games…

Thanks GM!


We Did It! The Redskins Beat Dallas! It’s a New Era… (at least for a week)

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We Did It!

We have a new head coach, a new quarterback and


It wasn’t pretty- but we did it-

I’ll take the ‘W’ any way we can get it!

I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and I’m in… at least until next weekend.

Could this be the start of a new era?  Could watching Redskins games be fun again and a cause for celebration?  Gasp… the possibilities!

At least for this week- it’s wonderful to be a Redskins fan in Washington!!!!!


Q & A with the Famed Mom Blogger and Sports-Fan-Extraordinaire: Sarah and The Goon Squad

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Sarah of ‘Sarah and the Goon Squad’ is a mom to twins, a great writer and mom blogger, and a sports fan/expert. Getting frustrated watching the Redskins recently, I emailed her about the possibility of a football Q & A…

1) Any reasons you see that the Redskins aren’t doing better after such an amazing start?

They have had a lot of injuries this season. Even though most of the stars are back in the starting lineup, it is tough to for a team that is lining 2nd or 3rd string guys up against starters.

That, and crappy luck.

2) Were you always a big sports fan or did you decide if you can’t beat them, join them?

It happened in college. A lot of my friends were guys. I remember sitting around watching a football game in about 1992 and having somebody explain downs to me. I think a lot of people don’t like football because it is so complicated. Once you understand the game, it is fabulous.

Also, I went to college in Orlando in the early 90’s. The Magic were great back then and so they were fun to follow.

Just after college I had a roommate who was a figure skater. She was very into Ice Hockey, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

I also really love going to sporting events. You can’t beat the vibe at a really great home game.

3) What joy do you get from sports… what are non-sport moms missing out on?

I like the excitement of sports. Sporting events are family friendly. They are something people of all ages can enjoy. As a bonus, they can improve math skills. :)

4) Sometimes I get really frustrated watching football because it seems that some players lack motivation,
or determination,
or the resolve, that frankly, moms use every day…

What do you think NFL players can learn from moms?

I think if they can learn to work hard, finish school and be respectful they are ahead of most of the other NFL players. Sure you have stand up guys like John Lynch, but you also have a lot of guys that don’t know about the real world. They make a ton of money and get away with murder. If they get hurt young they won’t have any source of income. Their parents have to teach them how to be successful even without sports.

5) Anything else you’d like to add?

Call me if you have an extra ticket!

Enjoy the rest of the season and a huge ‘Thank You’ to Sarah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was that ‘Hall & Oates’ at the World Series ??

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We had the World Series on Monday night; the TV was muted. We do this in the beginning of the evening out of habit. Our Little Man goes to bed at 7:30 and although he has never heard the TV, again, we do it out of habit. No need to re-live those days of hard bedtimes.

So I’m walking through the living room, on the way to get my laptop and I see a guy who looks vaguely familiar… I know him, do I know him? Who is that? I un-muted the TV.

Lo and Behold, walking out on the field was… John Oates- half of the Hall & Oates team from the 80’s.

NOTE: If you have never heard of Hall & Oates, stop reading this and go to another blog. This blog is about MOMS and people who were alive in the 80’s. You are too young to be reading this blog… We have nothing in common. Now go.

So I’m a little excited to see John Oates and wonder what he’s been doing (like he’s an old friend or something).

He starts singing… and he’s pretty darn good. And then I immediately think to myself, “Well, duh, self, he did manage to be 1-half of a great rock and soul duo”.

He did a great job and then the cutest thing ever: the announcers said that Darryl Hall was supposed to sing but came down with a cold so he called up Oates, and he filled in for his other half. Isn’t that cool? I love that! They are still friends and collaborating!

Yey! See, you can come out of the 80’s okay. We all managed to do it.

And just a reminder, think about these Hall & Oates songs:

Rich Girl
Kiss on My List
Private Eyes
I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)
Out of Touch
Sara Smile
and a favorite of mine: She’s Gone.

Hall & Oates had a total of 34 singles chart on the US Billboard Hot 100. They got me through many a cotillion dance. And they were voted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2003… and good for them. Everybody can remember a time when they swayed along with Hall & Oates, of course, we were wearing neon over-sized jackets, but at least the music was good. Plus, there weren’t digital cameras back then so the odds of picture evidence of how ridiculous we looked- IS LOW.

It’s all good.


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It’s hot and humid in the nation’s Capital and golf is in full force all over the area. Golf balls are sailing through the air at area country clubs, golf courses…
and our front yard.

This started as soon as the weather began to get warm a few months ago. My husband got out a couple of his golf clubs and dusted them off. He also got out our son’s plastic golf club set and they started a habit of putting and hitting golf balls around the front yard.

It’s become a casual pre- or post- dinner routine to unwind before our 4-year-old goes to bed.

So, it started out innocently enough… a little father/son time, some rest and relaxation.

But, lots of people walk up and down our street. There are no cross-streets except for walking paths that connect our street to other side streets, so everyone who wants to take a walk with their spouse, or kids or dogs… walks on our street. It makes for a nice place to live; people wave to each other…
and have noticed my husband and 4-year old son playing golf in the front yard.

So now, without even realizing it was happening, my husband is perceived to be a golf maven… a guru, if you will.

Neighbors see ‘my guys’ doing chip shots and putts in the front yard a few times a week. They also see my 4-year old putting with his dad, like Tiger Woods and his father Earl did many years ago (Note to Tiger Woods: Relax. To put it nicely, on closer examination, one can see that golf is not the true calling of my husband, or my son; Tiger and his records, are safe).

My husband is now ‘the golf guy’ of the street. People slow down now and say things like, “your game is looking good!”

My son even scampered in the other day and announced,

“Mommy, Daddy’s chipping the ball great!”

My husband was right behind him and chimed in with, “Yeah, this front yard stuff is really improving my game.”

We got to chuckling about it the other evening. And then laughing. And then we were laughing so hard we couldn’t stop…
Because the truth is, my guy seldomly, actually gets to the golf course. And yet, I told him,
“I think people just assume that you are out there on the course every weekend, shooting in the 70s.”

His reply: “That’s because I’m the Tiger Woods of front-yard golf.”

Yep, kinda like Putt-Putt golf.

Yep, he’s my ‘Golf Maven’.

Post Script: For the record, my husband has broken 100… once.

But he’s also achieved his goal: to be able to play golf well enough to play with his friends, family and co-workers.

So as far as I’m concerned – mission accomplished.

An abbreviated version of this can be read at DC Metro Mom Blog


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basketball.jpgI don’t really care about the NCAA Tournament this year; Well, I’m in a $10 neighborhood pool, so I care a little bit.

The North Carolina vs. Louisville game was starting…

“Those North Carolina cheerleaders have cute uniforms,” I told my husband. As soon as I said it, I wondered why I had (but they were cute).

“Don’t be a girl,” he grinned.

“You’re so happy I’m a girl!”

He laughed.

Ah, it’s nice to know your priorities.


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football.jpgThis blog article can be found on DC Metro Moms Blog. I’m a contributor!

Being a Native Washingtonian, I am a Redskins fan. That being said, I wasn’t too excited for the Superbowl.

I was impressed with the Patriots’ record and thought that winning the Superbowl would be a nice way for them to end their season (I’m such a girl). So I watched the game rooting (albeit not too strongly) for the Patriots to have their perfect, undefeated season.

After reading Curious George and singing a song, I kissed my son, said goodnight, turned off the light and he went to sleep. Not much had happened in the game downstairs. So I worked on some stuff and watched the game half-heartedly.

The Patriots scored a go-ahead touchdown and I figured that was it. I thought that was the beginning of a high-scoring Patriots victory. But the Giants didn’t give up. And suddenly it was a really tight, fierce competition again.

Eli Manning, the Giants’ quarterback looked poised, yet relaxed. Then they went to a shot of his brother Peyton (Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback and MVP of the Superbowl last year) watching him from the skybox, but noticeably separated from everyone. He was sitting all by himself, concentrating on every play, every pass his brother threw and cheering him. That’s when the game changed for me.

I realized that Eli Manning was becoming a man before my eyes. He wasn’t in his older brother Peyton’s shadow. He was playing well against overwhelming favorites in the Superbowl, and he was winning.

As the minutes ticked down I thought of Mrs. Olivia Manning, the mother of Eli, Peyton and eldest son, Cooper… WOW! This woman must be living right. I’m sure she made some mistakes along the way, but she sure did a lot of things right. Eli and Peyton are both starting quarterbacks in the NFL. They aren’t in the tabloids. They are supposedly just very nice boys. My brother met Peyton when they were both in college, Peyton was already a football star, and my brother said he was totally cool and he definitely knew football.

I thought about all the trips Mrs. Manning made to practice, how many times she hauled football equipment around. I thought of how many times she must have encouraged her boys, how many times she comforted them after a loss, how many ice packs she put on ankles and shoulders.

Football is a game. We’re not talking about solving world hunger, and the Manning boys aren’t elected officials who are working to make this country better (although they may be some day).

But for just a moment, let’s celebrate this Superbowl for highlighting the importance of motherhood.

This year, as the Giants won the game and Eli Manning was named MVP, history was made. Peyton and Eli Manning became back-to-back Superbowl Champions AND back-to-back Superbowl MVPs.

Congratulations to Mrs. Olivia Manning for raising great sons. All the skinned knees, broken bones and damaged egos you took care of paid off.

Congratulations to every mother out there. Congratulations to you when you are the chauffeur, the referee, the coach and the cheerleader.

Congratulations for everything you do for your kids. Someday your son may be winning a Superbowl. Someday your daughter may be winning the White House. And all of our children have already won our hearts.

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