Montgomery County Police Officer Dead; Widow is Expecting Triplets in June and Has a 14-month-old son

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Last Friday I headed to Home Depot for track lighting. My son was happy, at camp.

Traffic was stopped at the big intersection of Georgia and Connecticut Avenues.

‘What could be happening?’ I thought…

And then I saw a Huge Motorcade of Police Motorcycles, and then Police Cars…  I’ve never seen a Funeral Motorcade that long, and unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of funeral motorcades.

‘O God, it’s a Cop.’  I thought.

It was a police officer’s funeral procession.  It was the funeral procession for Hector Ayala, who died in a car crash while responding to a fellow officer’s call for assistance for a fight in progress…

…on Easter Morning.

I learned later that day that Sergeant Ayala’s widow, Melissa, has a 14-month-old son,

and is expecting triplets… in June.

And then I thought about her,

and it knocked the wind out of me.  It was like I had been punched, but no one was there.  I had trouble breathing for a moment, and then had to take a few, slow, deep breaths.

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BananaBlueberry Readers:

**You can donate to the ‘Ayala Family Fund’-

Melissa, Hector Jr., and the soon-to-be-coming triplets,

By sending a check to the Montgomery County Law Enforcement Officers Relief Fund (MCLEORF).

Checks should be made payable to MCLEORF. Please list “Ayala Family” in the memo line of the check. Send to:


c/o: FOP Lodge 35

18512 Office Park Drive

Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Or go to this link- Ayala Family Donation.

Please Consider Donating…

Team WhyMommy Virtual Science Fair- Our Experiment was Cool… and Messy

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Team WhyMommy Today I am joining a lot of Mommy Bloggers out there to support Susan, aka WhyMommy;

She is a great mom, cool blogger… AN ASTROPHYSICIST (How cool is that?!) and a cancer fighter and survivor.

Today she is undergoing surgery… again.

To Honor Susan and her love and attention to Science, we did a Science Experiment!

Now, I am NOT an astrophysicist, and neither is my son, although who knows, he may be some day-

so we took a page from an experiment we saw on WETA KIDS.  And that’s a lesson in itself- you don’t have to make-up your own science experiment, if your child is excited to try an experiment they’ve seen… go do it!

My son wanted to make canals of water, change their direction and flow, and see how gravity affects the water canals.

We started out by digging the canals with a couple of different ways the water could go-

canal 1

Then we blocked one of the canals-
canal 2

But we soon found out that water can go around a blockage, so we did it again,
canal 3

This Time, we were successful!
canal 4

And we watched our ball continue down the canal that we wanted!

But that wasn’t it for us- we decided, since we had dug up part of a flower bed in our back yard,
and already ‘watered’ it-

that we would plant flower seeds all over !!!!!
canal 5 flowers

Because We Are ALL ABOUT New Life, Living, and Planting Seeds of Hope
Here at BananaBlueberry!

And That’s How We Roll!

These Flowers Seeds are FOR YOU SUSAN!


Astrophysicists Rock  :)

The Price of a ‘Big Boy’

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The Price of a 'Big Boy' To see your offspring, the product of your loins, grow and become independent is a wonderful thing…

in some ways.

There is a price to pay…

Are you reading this while your little one sits on the floor in his or her adorable matching outfit… complete with matching socks?

Are you? Enjoy it. Those days are gone for me…

My son never used to care about what he wore… so I could dress him!

But now, he does care… he just doesn’t care if it matches or not.

He’s picking out his own clothes and (Mom Victory… wait for it…) getting dressed completely by himself!
We used bribery for the latter… Hey! Don’t throw stones!

But what price did I pay?

His favorite, ‘go-to-even-when-they-are-dirty’ articles of clothing are: his orange pants and his blue blazer…

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What to Always Have in Your Home, a.k.a.- What I Learned from the Snowpocalypse

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snowcapolis DC 2010

Well, we all made it through… the DC Snowpocalypse of 2010…

We even made it on Wikipedia!!!!!
Luckily, temperatures are warming, snow is melting, and only rain is on its way lovely, hmm.
I’m sure we’ve all learned something in the last couple of weeks…
As for me?  I’ve learned a lot.
How to end poverty?  No.
A Cure For Cancer?  No.
I’m talkin’ vital stuff here… like what to keep in your home AT ALL TIMES…
The first is pretty obvious:   WINE.

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“I Vant To Be Alone”

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GARBO Do you get a lot of time alone? No, me neither.

I love alone time…

I VALUE my time alone now. I even guard it.

I even schedule alone time… or at least I try to- between playing Connect 4, being a taxi service, grocery shopping and laundry.
I didn’t use to be this way.
When I was younger I never cared about ‘alone time’… I mean when I was younger and wasn’t a mother.

I guess when you are only responsible for yourself, you get more alone time…

Now, I love alone time.

I even meditate now (yeah, I read The Secret… didn’t we all?)

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Thanks For Nothin’

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Thanks for Nothin' 1It’s that time of year.  Relax.  It’s all over, the hustle and bustle, the cheers and jeers, the excitement, and the stress…

And a New Year has begun!

You can start putting away decorations, or if you’re like me, you already have.

Or just keep them up and have things strewn everywhere, it’s okay…

You have an excuse- it’s that time of year! 

In honor of nothin’ going on right now-

I give thanks!

Thanks for-

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My Ode to December Birthdays

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dec bdays      An ode is a ‘lyric poem’ in an ‘elevated style’…

Okay, so this isn’t an ode.  Maybe it’s a tribute… acknowledgment, applause, appreciation, citation, commendation, compliment, encomium (what is that? I’ve never even heard of that word before?!), honor, laudation, panegyric (I’ve never heard of that word either, wow, all of a sudden I feel very ignorant, vapid even…), recognition, recommendation, respect, accolade- (wow, I like that one)!

Yes, this is an accolade, basically, a salute to ‘December Babies and their Moms’

If you were born in December or have given birth in December- you are part of a very special club.  I gave birth to my son a week before Christmas, so I’m a full-fledged member of this club. 

*If you’re just reading this out of curiosity, club members get extra-cool-mom points for giving birth to babies during Hanukkah if they’re Jewish, and on Christmas or the week before, if they’re Christian.

*Why the bonus points?  Because they learn to juggle everything and are bastions of organization !!!!!

So without further ado-

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over at DC Metro Moms, because they rock :)


My First Black Friday Shopping Trip!

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Black Friday Shopping     Well, I finally did it.  I went against years of eye rolling and head shaking… and I joined the shoppers in the early morning on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

It was cool!  I’m doing again next year-

in fact, I’m making it a Christmas tradition!!

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Will Technology Make our Kids Kinder… and more Thoughtful?

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Computer It’s a different world now, from the world I grew up in. There are computers, cell phones and text messaging. There is Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

People always wear seatbelts, kids don’t ride in the ‘way back’ of station wagons anymore; SUVs exist now, and phones only have cords- if you did what I did and bought a stainless steel retro-looking one to match your kitchen appliances.

And people are REALLY connected now.  

In some ways our children are safer.  Parents can keep track of their children more easily…  Children have cell phones now; this beats the- ‘I’m going to be at Mary’s’ any day. 

But, we have to monitor our children’s online activities now…

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…That’s what Little Boys are made of

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frog     “Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, That’s what Little Boys are made of.”

Is that True?  Girls and Boys can be so different in so many ways.

Today I tackle the Nature vs. Nurture question…

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