My Ode to December Birthdays

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dec bdays      An ode is a ‘lyric poem’ in an ‘elevated style’…

Okay, so this isn’t an ode.  Maybe it’s a tribute… acknowledgment, applause, appreciation, citation, commendation, compliment, encomium (what is that? I’ve never even heard of that word before?!), honor, laudation, panegyric (I’ve never heard of that word either, wow, all of a sudden I feel very ignorant, vapid even…), recognition, recommendation, respect, accolade- (wow, I like that one)!

Yes, this is an accolade, basically, a salute to ‘December Babies and their Moms’

If you were born in December or have given birth in December- you are part of a very special club.  I gave birth to my son a week before Christmas, so I’m a full-fledged member of this club. 

*If you’re just reading this out of curiosity, club members get extra-cool-mom points for giving birth to babies during Hanukkah if they’re Jewish, and on Christmas or the week before, if they’re Christian.

*Why the bonus points?  Because they learn to juggle everything and are bastions of organization !!!!!

So without further ado-

Click Here to continue reading my accolade to December Babies and Moms 

over at DC Metro Moms, because they rock :)


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