Team WhyMommy Virtual Science Fair- Our Experiment was Cool… and Messy

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Team WhyMommy Today I am joining a lot of Mommy Bloggers out there to support Susan, aka WhyMommy;

She is a great mom, cool blogger… AN ASTROPHYSICIST (How cool is that?!) and a cancer fighter and survivor.

Today she is undergoing surgery… again.

To Honor Susan and her love and attention to Science, we did a Science Experiment!

Now, I am NOT an astrophysicist, and neither is my son, although who knows, he may be some day-

so we took a page from an experiment we saw on WETA KIDS.  And that’s a lesson in itself- you don’t have to make-up your own science experiment, if your child is excited to try an experiment they’ve seen… go do it!

My son wanted to make canals of water, change their direction and flow, and see how gravity affects the water canals.

We started out by digging the canals with a couple of different ways the water could go-

canal 1

Then we blocked one of the canals-
canal 2

But we soon found out that water can go around a blockage, so we did it again,
canal 3

This Time, we were successful!
canal 4

And we watched our ball continue down the canal that we wanted!

But that wasn’t it for us- we decided, since we had dug up part of a flower bed in our back yard,
and already ‘watered’ it-

that we would plant flower seeds all over !!!!!
canal 5 flowers

Because We Are ALL ABOUT New Life, Living, and Planting Seeds of Hope
Here at BananaBlueberry!

And That’s How We Roll!

These Flowers Seeds are FOR YOU SUSAN!


Astrophysicists Rock  :)

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