My Ode to December Birthdays

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dec bdays      An ode is a ‘lyric poem’ in an ‘elevated style’…

Okay, so this isn’t an ode.  Maybe it’s a tribute… acknowledgment, applause, appreciation, citation, commendation, compliment, encomium (what is that? I’ve never even heard of that word before?!), honor, laudation, panegyric (I’ve never heard of that word either, wow, all of a sudden I feel very ignorant, vapid even…), recognition, recommendation, respect, accolade- (wow, I like that one)!

Yes, this is an accolade, basically, a salute to ‘December Babies and their Moms’

If you were born in December or have given birth in December- you are part of a very special club.  I gave birth to my son a week before Christmas, so I’m a full-fledged member of this club. 

*If you’re just reading this out of curiosity, club members get extra-cool-mom points for giving birth to babies during Hanukkah if they’re Jewish, and on Christmas or the week before, if they’re Christian.

*Why the bonus points?  Because they learn to juggle everything and are bastions of organization !!!!!

So without further ado-

Click Here to continue reading my accolade to December Babies and Moms 

over at DC Metro Moms, because they rock :)


My First Black Friday Shopping Trip!

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Black Friday Shopping     Well, I finally did it.  I went against years of eye rolling and head shaking… and I joined the shoppers in the early morning on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

It was cool!  I’m doing again next year-

in fact, I’m making it a Christmas tradition!!

Read all about it here, at DC Metro Moms…


Will Technology Make our Kids Kinder… and more Thoughtful?

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Computer It’s a different world now, from the world I grew up in. There are computers, cell phones and text messaging. There is Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

People always wear seatbelts, kids don’t ride in the ‘way back’ of station wagons anymore; SUVs exist now, and phones only have cords- if you did what I did and bought a stainless steel retro-looking one to match your kitchen appliances.

And people are REALLY connected now.  

In some ways our children are safer.  Parents can keep track of their children more easily…  Children have cell phones now; this beats the- ‘I’m going to be at Mary’s’ any day. 

But, we have to monitor our children’s online activities now…

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…That’s what Little Boys are made of

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frog     “Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, That’s what Little Boys are made of.”

Is that True?  Girls and Boys can be so different in so many ways.

Today I tackle the Nature vs. Nurture question…

Click Here to read it over at DC Metro Moms…


Praising The Effort! Why Didn’t I Think of That?

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Good Effort    I am constantly reminded, thankfully, that motherhood is an evolution.  It’s a constant learning process.  Just when I think I have it mastered, a.k.a., ‘I know my child’, I am in a situation that surprises me, or he surprises me…  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I sometimes foolishly, on a particularly fantastic day, think that I have it all goin’ on. 

And then I don’t.  I have read so many parenting books, blogs, internet articles and parenting magazines that I sometimes, again foolishly, think there can’t be a parenting technique or philosophy, I don’t know about.

And then, Kindergarten began…

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I’m Twittering! (I know I’m the last one on earth to start twittering)

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twitter_logo_header  Hi!  I’m Twittering!  And I need some help!  DC Metro Moms out there- is there a list of all of us who twitter so I can follow you and ask you to follow me??!!

Please leave a comment if you use twitter- so I can follow you!


I’m BanBlueberry.

Do You Have Hair Issues? I Do.

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I don't have time for Bangs     Are you having Hair Issues?  I am.

I don’t have time for bangs anymore!

Click Here to read about it at DC Metro Moms  :)



Speaking Of Great Blogs For the DC Area…

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apiss I’m continuing my Shout-Outs today to tell you about a FANTASTIC RESOURCE for parents in the DC Metro Area.  It’s A Parent In Silver Spring.

If you haven’t gone to this blog, do so (after you finish reading this).

This site gives you TONS of stuff to do in the DC Area.

It’s written by a fellow DC Metro Mom Contributor.

I frankly don’t know when this woman sleeps,

but she does, because she is super sweet and always looks great when I see her :)




What’s In A Name?

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What's in a name    I could talk about names all day.  I’m fascinated with names and why people choose certain names.  

It’s a HUGE responsibility giving someone a name, and I don’t think you realize this until you’re pregnant.  Or, at least I didn’t.

Just agreeing on a name can be tough.  I know everyone has said,

“Yeah, I knew a real jerk named Bob*, we’re not going with Bob*.” 

(* Fill in any possible name in the world) 

Family names are cool.  And old-fashioned names are making a comeback.  But they always are, aren’t they?  We have a neighbor named Harriet, and her granddaughter is Harriet too, they call her ‘Haddy’.  Neighbors down the street gave their 2 kids the same monogram.  We have another little neighbor named Jasper (it’s old-fashioned AND a family name, it turns out). 

Don’t believe me about old-fashioned names? Check out the Social Security website!  Yes, that social security.  The Social Security Administration has a part of their website devoted solely to the popularity of names!!!


Click Here to Continue Reading at DC Metro Moms-



Toys, Toys Everywhere…

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Toys Toys      It is great to be organized; but what do you do when you cannot fit another ‘organizer’ in your living room?  

I have 8, yes, 8 toy baskets in my living room, all in various shades of green.  And no, I’m not proud of this. 

It started out innocently enough-

I’m pretty neat and tidy.  I don’t want toys just lying around everywhere.  I want structure, not chaos…

‘Let’s get some toy baskets!  Perfect!  We can just throw toys in them, and things will be ‘put away’…’ 

And then I just kept getting more baskets… 

To put toys, and toys, and toys in. 

And I swear I de-clutter on a pretty regular basis!  

But I have baskets everywhere now-

I have baskets for Legos, cars, trucks, marble games, Tinker Toys, more cars, more trucks, and I even have a little basket for the 4 remotes we have (don’t even get me started on that one).   

I like a house to be lived-in, and use every room, but this is getting ridiculous! 

Will there ever be a day that I don’t have hundreds of matchbox cars and  hotwheels cars in rooms all over the house? 

When will I stop finding little lego pieces in the couch?  

Will there ever be a time that I don’t see a Dr. Seuss book in a corner?…


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