My Son is Dressing Himself Now… ugh

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jeans   Independence is a great thing.  Growing up and ‘being a big boy’ is a great thing.  

There is a down-side to this however: little ‘big boys’ don’t know fashion, let alone what matches… and more importantly- Completely Don’t Care.

This is why you should never wrinkle your brow or frown when you see a little guy in what looks like ‘thrown together’ outfits… it’s not that their mother didn’t look to see what they put on,

It’s that she secretly cringed at the outfit, but hid her initial response because her son was so proud of himself for actually getting clothes out of his closet and drawers by himself, therefor, ‘picking’ an outfit, and fastened buttons and zipped zippers and got dressed- socks and all.

Case In Point:  

Saturday Night Dinner Out-

My son wore:

Blue sweatpants, his Phineas and Ferb t-shirt, and a Blue Blazer.


Yep, sweatpants and a blazer…

But that’s what he picked out, put on, and wanted to wear,

And he’s a big boy now,

So that’s what we went with.



Praising The Effort! Why Didn’t I Think of That?

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Good Effort    I am constantly reminded, thankfully, that motherhood is an evolution.  It’s a constant learning process.  Just when I think I have it mastered, a.k.a., ‘I know my child’, I am in a situation that surprises me, or he surprises me…  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I sometimes foolishly, on a particularly fantastic day, think that I have it all goin’ on. 

And then I don’t.  I have read so many parenting books, blogs, internet articles and parenting magazines that I sometimes, again foolishly, think there can’t be a parenting technique or philosophy, I don’t know about.

And then, Kindergarten began…

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My Son Has Decided to Stay In School

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pencils     Well, It’s Official!  

After the first day: my son has decided he likes Kindergarten,

and that he will finish grade school,

and go to high school,

and go to college!!!!!

(He had been undecided about college before.)

**  But, as of today, he wants to go to college close by so he can still live with Daddy and me.

That’s fine.

We’re making progress… Yey!



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