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It’s hot and humid in the nation’s Capital and golf is in full force all over the area. Golf balls are sailing through the air at area country clubs, golf courses…
and our front yard.

This started as soon as the weather began to get warm a few months ago. My husband got out a couple of his golf clubs and dusted them off. He also got out our son’s plastic golf club set and they started a habit of putting and hitting golf balls around the front yard.

It’s become a casual pre- or post- dinner routine to unwind before our 4-year-old goes to bed.

So, it started out innocently enough… a little father/son time, some rest and relaxation.

But, lots of people walk up and down our street. There are no cross-streets except for walking paths that connect our street to other side streets, so everyone who wants to take a walk with their spouse, or kids or dogs… walks on our street. It makes for a nice place to live; people wave to each other…
and have noticed my husband and 4-year old son playing golf in the front yard.

So now, without even realizing it was happening, my husband is perceived to be a golf maven… a guru, if you will.

Neighbors see ‘my guys’ doing chip shots and putts in the front yard a few times a week. They also see my 4-year old putting with his dad, like Tiger Woods and his father Earl did many years ago (Note to Tiger Woods: Relax. To put it nicely, on closer examination, one can see that golf is not the true calling of my husband, or my son; Tiger and his records, are safe).

My husband is now ‘the golf guy’ of the street. People slow down now and say things like, “your game is looking good!”

My son even scampered in the other day and announced,

“Mommy, Daddy’s chipping the ball great!”

My husband was right behind him and chimed in with, “Yeah, this front yard stuff is really improving my game.”

We got to chuckling about it the other evening. And then laughing. And then we were laughing so hard we couldn’t stop…
Because the truth is, my guy seldomly, actually gets to the golf course. And yet, I told him,
“I think people just assume that you are out there on the course every weekend, shooting in the 70s.”

His reply: “That’s because I’m the Tiger Woods of front-yard golf.”

Yep, kinda like Putt-Putt golf.

Yep, he’s my ‘Golf Maven’.

Post Script: For the record, my husband has broken 100… once.

But he’s also achieved his goal: to be able to play golf well enough to play with his friends, family and co-workers.

So as far as I’m concerned – mission accomplished.

An abbreviated version of this can be read at DC Metro Mom Blog

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