We Did It! The Redskins Beat Dallas! It’s a New Era… (at least for a week)

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We Did It!

We have a new head coach, a new quarterback and


It wasn’t pretty- but we did it-

I’ll take the ‘W’ any way we can get it!

I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and I’m in… at least until next weekend.

Could this be the start of a new era?  Could watching Redskins games be fun again and a cause for celebration?  Gasp… the possibilities!

At least for this week- it’s wonderful to be a Redskins fan in Washington!!!!!



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A few days ago my husband, 4-year-old son and I went to a friend’s home for a crab feast, also known as ‘picking crabs’.

It was such a nice afternoon that it reminded me of how special it has been growing up in Maryland and how psyched I am that my son is growing up here. There is really nothing like a good ol’ Maryland crab feast.

The crab feast is perfect (except if you are REALLY hungry)…

First of all, crab feasts are in the afternoon, so kids can run around, go in the moonbounce that our friend had, or play badminton (that my son tried for the first time). Kids always have fun outside anyway, so the kids are taken care of, because, let’s face it, anybody would be crazy to have a crab feast inside their home.

Now for the adults: you fill up on munchies and appetizers because again let’s face it, ‘are you really going to pick crabs for over an hour or two, just to get full?’

The over-21 set can choose from soda and beer beverages; wine isn’t even an option at a traditional crab feast, at least the ones I’ve been to. Crabs and… wine- ewww! That doesn’t even sound good to me.

But the crab feast was great! Guys naturally gravitate to one table, girls to another.
I sat down with my husband‘s friends’ wives, who I see a few times a year,
and we talked and talked,
about our kids, restaurants and covering up grey hair.
Everyone had a manicure, and everyone was picking their crabs.

It’s so relaxing. It’s cool. And the great secret to picking crabs is that you don’t have to know how to do it well. You just need a mallet, nutcracker, trashcan and paper towels.

I know that some transplanted DC Metro people have said they don’t get it… but that’s the thing-
There’s nothing to get!

It’s not about getting a full belly and having fresh crabs…

It’s about picking crabs, sitting around, taking time to talk and catch up, drinking a beverage and relaxing.

And what is better than relaxing on a humid summer afternoon that DC is famous for?

Yes, the crab feast is just about perfect…

Like I said before: crabs, mallots, nutcrackers (to old-school crab-pickers this is cheating, but it’s so much easier), trashcans, plenty of paper towels, paper plates and great conversation.

The clincher was that I got into my first great conversation about the Redskins’ pre-season…

an extra bonus :)

An abbreviated version of this can be read on DC Metro Moms Blog.

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