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I was just emailing and typed the word ‘similiar’. My spell check UNDERLINED it in red. I went to my dashboard and brought up my dictionary and thesaurus and found that ‘similiar’ is spelled ‘similar’, as in things ‘resembling each other but not identical’.

Did this spelling just change? I have been freelance writing, producing and reporting for about 15 years and I’ve always spelled similar- similiar… And I’ve never been corrected.

WOW! Good thing I was never in a Spelling Bee. How embarrassing would it be to get a simple word like ‘similar’ wrong in a Spelling Bee…

But really, how even more embarrassing that I am in my thirties and just now realized that I’ve been spelling this word wrong all my life!

This is embarrassing… why am I writing this? I’m ending this post.

Note: The word ‘similar’ originates from Northern India… who new knew?

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