The Birds and The Bees and 5-Year-Olds

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      It was a normal day, matchbox cars everywhere, a nice afternoon, and then my 5-year-old son got up to go to the bathroom.

While he was going to the bathroom, he asked me, completely out-of-the-blue,

“Mom, why do girls sit down to go pee-pee?”

By the way, my son closes the bathroom door at friends’ houses, and out in public, but sometimes he ‘forgets’ at home… and I don’t make a big deal about this because I don’t want him to ‘feel embarrassed’ about his body, blah, blah, blah, psycho-babble, blah, blah, blah…

So I very matter-of-factly told him,

“Because girls have vaginas.”

I’ve told him this before, but he forgot, probably because he just doesn’t care that much. 

“Faginas?”  He asked with a funny look on his face.

“V-aginas.”  I answered.

He started laughing,

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Why I love 5 Year Olds…

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I’ll say it again- the weather is great here in DC right now…

On Sunday, my guys went to the park while I went to the grocery store… yeah, I’m not quite sure how that was worked out- lucky me.

So I shop, buy the week’s worth of groceries (while forgetting my reusable bags, like I always do).  I come home and am putting groceries away when my phone rings, it’s my Little Guy,

“Hi Mom!  How are ya?”


Where are ya?”

“I’m at home, putting away the groceries.”

“Well stop!  Dad and I are on our way home.  We’ll help you!”


Just another reason I love 5 Year Olds




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