The Tide at the Beach

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Yes, I think that’s it.

I think you get so relaxed at the beach because the sound of the waves

is the background music of the day and night.

Hope you’re not in an office today!




Ah, The Beach!

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Ah, The Beach!

We’re at the beach this week.  I’m sitting here on our porch- looking at the ocean.

It’s amazing how quickly you relax at the beach; I think it’s hearing the wonderful rumble of   the tides at all times.

See Ya!


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We’re home from the beach.  We had a great week with PERFECT WEATHER!

This morning my son and I went on a brisk walk(with the jogging stroller),

got school shoes (note to self: NEVER wait til the week before school to go to the area’s best and most popular kid shoe store; you will end up going next door to the toy store and buying your son a toy to play with while you wait),

had lunch, did a little grocery shopping and went to Cabin John Park.

Right now I’m on my 4th load of laundry.

I spent all last week lounging on the beach…

so why am I so tired?

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