Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, so…

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Thank you for little hands and little toes,
Little fingerprints and a little nose.

Thank you for hair to comb and birthday parties to plan,
Mittens to lose and toy planes to land.

Thank you for family.
Thank you for friends.
Thank you for the autumn leaf colors and all the blends.

Thank you for life and imperfection.
Thank you for holiday candies and confection.

Thank you for little pajamas and toys about our house;
Thank you for laughter during the day and at night-
Quiet as a mouse.

Thank you for reading books and a roof over our heads,
A Winnie-The-Pooh toothbrush and a big boy bed.

Thank you for smiles and giggles reigning,
And Thank you (finally) to an end of potty-training.

Thank you for jackets, but temperatures not too cold…
And Thank you for all the memories I’ll have,
Long after I’m old.

* I wrote this a few years ago,
that being said,

I am still very grateful for potty-training being a now distant, memory :)

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