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Where do I fit exercising into my day?
I am not a runner, although I will run if I am being chased.

I actually don’t need to lose weight, I just want to tone up a little and be healthy.  I’ve changed the way I cook over the past year for the better, making more vegetables and proteins, less carbohydrates.

So exercising has now made its way up my priority list.
But who has time to exercise?
I just got an email from my sister-in-law that said at the end of it, that she was going down to her basement gym to work out before her kids woke up- her email was sent at 6 am.

God bless her… but I am not that kinda’ gal.
I know I will never wake myself up at 6 am just to exercise.
And then I’m busy with my 7-year-old and the house,
and playdates and school,
and laundry, and building forts, and life.

Can I trick myself into exercising just a little at a time?
According to the Centers for Disease Control– the answer is, 
‘Yes I can’!

Exercising for 10 minutes, three times a day is as good for you as exercising for 30 minutes straight.
Huh?  Really?  I think… I can do that!

While my son was at school I took a break and walked to the bottom of our street and back- it took 10 minutes.  
Our neighborhood park is a 10-minute walk away.  
My son and I were at the mall so when we were finished buying him shoes, we did a lap around the mall (he loved it).  
So… I think I can do this!

Wait- if I am walking, carrying groceries (weights) for 5 minutes- 
does that count the same?

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