Warning: Michael Jackson May Scare Your Child

March 24, 2009 by · Leave a Comment
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  The other night my Big Guy and Little Guy were playing, just after dinner.  I was straightening up, as I always seem to be doing (aren’t we all)…

And I flipped on TMZ. Yes, I admit it. A few minutes of celebrity gossip never hurt anybody…

Some footage of Michael Jackson was on the TV with some discussion of his ‘comeback’ tour or concert or whatever it is, I don’t really care and got back to picking up the living room.  

My husband and son came running through, stopped to talk to me and my son looked at the screen- while hearing them say, ‘Michael Jackson’.



“Michael Jackson looks like a girl…  and a skeleton.”

That’s a direct quote.  I quickly fumbled for the remote and changed the channel to the Light Classical Music Channel (which is on right now, by the way).  My Little Guy quickly moved on and went to the playroom with my Big Guy, but wow?!

My son is 5 and saw Michael Jackson on TV for about 5 seconds and was a little freaked out by his appearance…

Note to Self:  Don’t indulge in TMZ for even a few minutes when your child is in the house, he may see something he shouldn’t… like Michael Jackson. 



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