Disney Books are now Online!

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 My last post was about Disney On Ice. This is completely separate Disney news- and very good news at that!

Disney has put it’s HUGE Library of Books online, for the 1st time ever!

What’s even better is that there are no games and mass advertising on this site,

it’s just books.

Your child ‘turns’ the pages; they can be read to, or read themselves.  They can move their ‘pen’ over a word to get the pronunciation, or even the definition.

I LOVE this idea!

But- this is not free.  I believe it is reasonable, however.

Go to Disney Digital Books, and see for yourself-

You can get a month subscription for $8.95 (this is for up to 3 children) or an annual membership for $79.95 (also for up to 3 children).

You can also go to Digital Disney Books and get a FREE look at the site right now

AND read 7 books for FREE.

Again, I love this idea=

The magic of Disney + reading= Priceless



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