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I don’t usually touch on news stories here but people have to know about this. A fellow mom and Silicon Valley Moms Blogger shared this story.

A young man with Down Syndrome, 16 years old, was put in a closet for ‘outbursts’ during class. Teachers and school officials then called the police on him when he refused to GO BACK INTO THE CLOSET after using the restroom.

Every child must get the chance to learn… and I understand that all children are at different levels of intelligence and that maybe this child was disruptive to the ‘class learning experience’…

But who are we kidding here? You don’t put a Down Syndrome young man in a utility closet!

You don’t put ANY child in a closet!

The education system in CA and here on the other coast and everywhere in-between needs to figure this out. It’s not that hard. This story makes my heart ache.

Finally… as the banner at the top of this page reads, this blog concentrates on the ‘good stuff';
in keeping with that:

Let us not forget that every child on the planet deserves the right to learn.
This should not happen anywhere, but especially here- this is America.

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