BLOGHER DC, 2008 !

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I’m listening to the opening welcome here at BlogHer DC!

Do you realize that 43% of BlogHer Network readers report watching less TV to fit in reading online??!!


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I have a new beauty salon…  I went to my husband’s barber shop to get my hair trimmed today.  

Before you get worried and ponder my lucidity:  

I’m growing out the layers in my hair.

I’m actually in a very good hair ‘place’ right now.  I’ve finally realized that my hair IS pretty thick and it can look good all the same length.  In Fact, I’ve realized the hard way, that


I don’t have time for the styling in the morning, the fuss throughout the day… I’m Done.

Why have layers in my hair like an updated ‘RACHEL’ haircut?  Even if it is complementary for some face types, it’s completely retro at this point:

‘Friends’ went off the air years ago and I’m a mom… with a station wagon.  

Besides, when my hair has been VERY LAYERED, by the end or middle of the day, it’s up in a clip- done…

So back to why I’m in a ‘Good Hair Place’ right now-

I can see the end is in sight; my layers are almost grown out and my hair is looking better 

WHILE BEING EASIER to fix… I don’t even need to really fix it, I just comb it- done.

So, for a trim today, instead of going to my expensive hair salon and ‘hair guy’ who has been cutting my hair forever, I went to my Big Guy’s barber.  I had planned to do this even before the Dow went down today, and I’d decided to do it on principle:  It’s not that hard to trim hair- straight across the bottom- and snip off growing-out layers.  It’s   just   not   that   hard.  Yet, some ‘hair stylists’ do this and get paid more than the $18.00 I paid today.  And I love my trim…

The price is good.  But you know what’s a little better… HOW SMART I FEEL!  I feel like I’ve outsmarted the system: that big, hair-styling, self-inflating, self-important, rotating-cog-wheel of hyper-consumer-falsely-inflated-capitalism.

I WON TODAY ladies and gentlemen!

This is empowering!  AHHHHHHHHH!  


Whew.  It always comes back to hair, doesn’t it?  or food… Stop.  I’m getting away from my point:

I guess what the editors at VOGUE say is true,

‘There’s nothing like a good hair day.”

My Son WILL NOT Drink Root Beer

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This, as you can see, is a bottle of Root Beer.  My husband bought this because it was a childhood favorite of his, a ‘special treat’, as we call it in our house.

He remembers making Root Beer floats and remembers this particular brand as being very, very good.

He offered a sip to my son,

“You wanna try some Root Beer?  It’s my favorite!”

My 4-year-old looked at him and stated very firmly,

“Daddy, I don’t drink Beer.  It’s for adults.”

My Big Guy chuckled and continued,

“No, this is Root Beer, not adult beer.  You can try it.”

“No Daddy, I don’t drink ANY beer.  Beer is for adults.”

My husband tried to then explain that it is just a name and that Root Beer is a (non-caffeinated) type of soda… like Sprite.  We’ve let Little Guy try some Sprite at special occasions.

But my son was having none of it.

“It’s beer Daddy.  And I don’t drink beer.”

Nothing like having a self-regulating 4-year-old.

Does this mean we are doing a good job?  I’m not sure…


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I’m sitting here on my couch, doing my first blog post from my brand new Macbook laptop! It is awesome! We just re-wired our home to be ALL wireless- YEY! This is so nice and comfortable. The keyboard is effortless and the picture is clear and concise.

I’m so excited that I can blog, check email and surf blogs while sitting on my couch, half-listening to Sunday Night Football.

And, to top it off, I had the pleasure of hosting a DC Metro Moms Wine Party at my house this weekend and it was SUPER FUN!

More on the wine party tomorrow!


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We’re back;

back to school, back to business, back to basics.

I’m psyched, it’s the start of another season and another excuse to de-clutter and reorganize.

My son likes his teacher, We love the school and he has a lot of old and new friends in his class.

Life is good;

Of course, this was the first day of his last year of preschool…  And he only went today from

10:00 – 10:55am.


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I am at the beach this week… in a big beach house
with my parents,
my brother and his wife, their 1 1/2 year-old son
and my husband and 4 1/2 year-old son.

I’ll try to post when I can although I cannot promise because we are all going to be fighting over the dial-up- no wi-fi.

On a cheery note- I have not been to the beach FOR A WEEK in 2 years…

I’m looking forward to making sandcastles,

sitting in my beach chair… and that’s about it :)


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I had the absolute pleasure of attending a luncheon sponsored by

Giant Food down at Chef Geoff’s downtown on Tuesday.

Giant Food wants us to know that they love moms.
Frankly, they should; Moms spend the most money in the household and let’s face it-
moms just about always do the grocery shopping.
Everyone should love moms, but that’s a post for another day…

Getting back to Tuesday: Yey- Giant!

We learned lots of incredibly good stuff that is going on at Giant right now,

Got a fabulous and relatively easy lesson from Chef Geoff about making risotto (above),

While having a fabulous lunch.

A few highlights before I head off to the beach:

Prepared foods: Giant will be introducing about 100 new prepared foods in the coming month to help Moms out… including New Rotisserie Chickens!

Simply Enjoy IS A GIANT BRAND! This rocks. This is the only brand brand of spaghetti sauce I use, it’s delicious.

Deli kiosk: this is up there for me with the dawn of baby monitors.

I literally gasped during lunch and had to lay my hands on my chest to regulate my breathing I was so excited. Someday very soon you will be able to go to your local Giant, go to the deli counter, type in what you want… and leave.

When your lunchmeat and cheeses are ready you will hear your name announced on the loud speaker and then all you do is go back to the deli and pick it up! Can you imagine the fabulosity of this? It makes the world a better place… in a little way.

Much more about great things happening at Giant after I get back;

…And I’m trying Peapod- more on that too.

Post Script: Moms out there and especially DC Metro Moms –
give a big SHOUT-OUT of congratulations to Chef Geoff Tracy and his great wife for the birth of their little girl, born just 6 weeks ago… and just 12 months after her twin brother and sister.

Sending lots of wishes for lots and lots of sleep ☺


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LAST CHANCE, READERS! The Little Hat Company GIVEAWAY ends Thursday, the 31st at midnight!

So leave a comment and be entered into the drawing to receive a free hat of your choice from the fabulous Little Hat Company of Maine.

These hats are adorable and a great addition to sunscreen for little ones!

Leave a comment and enter now!

Scroll down to read the original contest post below.


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On our way home from a delightful trip to Hershey Park, we stopped at one of the few Roy Rogers I’ve seen.

It was in Thurmont, MD. If you think about going to Hershey Park…Go! It has lots of rides for all age groups and the drive from DC is EASY !!!!!

So we went into Roy Rogers and I ordered for our family as ‘my guys’ sat down. I noticed the teenager who was taking my order was named Nicole.

“My name is Nicole too,” I said.

We both smiled and she asked me if I spell it with an ‘h'; I told her no,

“That’s cool, I hate when people spell it with an ‘h’.”

“Me too.” I laughed.

Then she got out a little milk carton to accompany my son’s kids meal…

I looked at it and said,

“You’re not going to believe this but my last name is CROWLEY.” Just like the milk.

I’m interpreting this as VERY COOL KARMA…

or at least a very cool coincidence…

No, I’m going with the VERY COOL KARMA thing,

Happy Monday!


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you will be more disappointed by the things you DIDN’T DO

than by the ones you did do.”

– Mark Twain

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