My Golf Mavin

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It’s hot and humid in the nation’s Capital and golf is in full force all over the area.  Golf balls are sailing through the air at area country clubs, golf courses…
and our front yard.

This started as soon as the weather began to get warm a few months ago.  My husband got out a couple of his golf clubs and dusted them off.  He also got out our son’s plastic golf club set and they started a habit of putting and hitting golf balls around the front yard.

It’s become a casual pre- or post- dinner routine to unwind before our son goes to bed.

So, it started out innocently enough… a little father/son time, some rest and relaxation.

But, lots of people walk up and down our street.  There are no cross-streets except for walking paths that connect our street to other side streets, so everyone who wants to take a walk with their spouse, or kids or dogs… walks on our street.  It makes for a nice place to live; people wave to each other… 
and have noticed my husband and son playing golf in the front yard.

So now, without even realizing it was happening, my husband is perceived to be a golf maven… a guru, if you will.

Neighbors see ‘my guys’ doing chip shots and putts in the front yard a few times a week.  They also see my son putting with his dad, like Tiger Woods and his father, Earl did many years ago.

My husband is now ‘the golf guy’ of the street.  People slow down now and say things like, “your game is looking good!”

My son even scampered in the other day and announced,

“Mom, Dad’s chipping the ball great!”

My husband was right behind him and chimed in with, “Yeah, this front yard stuff is really improving my game.”

We got to laughing about it the other evening.
Because the truth is, my guy seldomly, actually gets to the golf course.  And yet, I told him,

“I think people just assume that you are out there on the course every weekend, shooting in the 70s.”

His reply: “That’s because I’m the Phil Mickelson of front-yard golf.”

Yep, kinda like Putt-Putt golf.

Yep, he’s my ‘Golf Maven’.

*  This originally appeared in DC Metro Moms… and for the record, we’re really into bikes right now.

Giant Announces It’s Academic’s 50th Anniversary Reusable Bag Design Contest

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Hey DCers, Marylanders and Virginians!!

Here is a great design contest for High School Students-

Your have until October 31st to submit entries !!!!!

Giant Food has announced a reusable bag design contest for high school students to celebrate ‘It’s Academic’s’ 50th anniversary. Entries will be accepted October 1 – 31. The winning design will be printed on reusable bags and sold in Giant stores across the region. First, second, and third place winners will also receive cash scholarships in the amount of $1,500, $750, and $500 respectively.

This is open to high school students in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.  Entries will be accepted October 1 through 31.  Proceeds from the bags will benefit the A+ School Rewards program which schools use to enhance and supplement their budgets.

Go to Giant’s Bag Contest Website for all the Details !!

Try Kids’ Shoes For Yourself, if you have small feet!

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I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner…

But: Buy Kids’ Shoes if you have smaller feet!

It’s a great idea now that girls’ shoes are getting better and better (girl shoes are less expensive than women’s, obviously)!

I got a great pair of tennis shoes at Shoe Train when I was there buying shoes for my son (we were the only ones there- I know, that’s crazy, they are always packed, but we went first thing in the morning, mid week).

And I got Uggs at the girls’ department at Nordstrom– and they fit great and were almost half the price of women’s Uggs.  I also picked up some girls’ ballet flats at half the price of women’s.

And this post is timely because Nordstrom Is Having Their Half-Yearly Sale for Women and KIDS Right Now! So go to the kid shoe department and they have out racks of shoes by size… I saw Steve Madden flip flops and Reef Flip Flops and tennis shoes!  ( Then go to the women’s department and they have all their shoes out on racks by size too).

Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale Runs through Monday!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

DCers: A Great New Boutique!

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preppy pink pony Hi DCers! I found a great new, (just opened in November) boutique called

The Preppy Pink Pony! It’s on Chain Bridge Road in McLean, VA!

It sells ‘accessories for you and your best friend’! Isn’t that cute? It goes along with the store…
Everything in the store is cute!

It carries Acrylic Gifts, Belts, Boxers, Boy’s Ties, Cufflinks, Cell Phone Covers, Coasters, Frames, Baby Gifts, Flip Flops, Ipod Cases, Jewelry, Lilly Pulitzer Gifts, Bags, Placemats, Plates, Purses, Soaps and Stationary-
and Lots More!

If you need to buy a gift for someone special… or something special for yourself (very fun)-

Stop In!

You can’t miss the Pink and Green awning!

Go Shopping!

H1N1 Update For DC Area

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Flu ShotNew shipments of the H1N1 flu vaccine have arrived to the DC area.

SO, if you haven’t checked with your doctor recently, it’s a good idea to check with them now.

My son got the vaccine a few days ago in his doctor’s office.  Our pediatrician had previously only allowed very young children to get the vaccine (babies).  But now has opened up the vaccine to all children in the practice, due to a big shipment they just got of the vaccine.  

I have also been hearing that other people have been finding outlets to get the vaccine…

Please check with your doctor!

** Montgomery County has now scheduled more vaccination clinics- BUT there are still restrictions as to who can get it **

Here is the Montgomery County H1N1 Info Site.


Stay Healthy!



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