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Look at these flowers!

These are Dahlias,

they are a fall flower,

and come in all shapes and sizes.

These come from my parents’ gardens…

Pick some up to brighten your home!


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CONGRATULATIONS TO MY DAD!  He is a retired biochemist and now, avid rose and Dahlia grower.  His Dahlias are now winning awards!

The Dahlia above won Best In Show at the National Capital Dahlia Society Show.  Those are my son’s hands around the bloom, as you can make out, the flower is just about as tall as him.

My dad also (drumroll, please) went up this past weekend to Philadelphia to the American Dahlia Society National Show.

He won ‘King of the Show’ for Best Big Dahlia (in the country) with the lavender Dahlia on the left of this picture.  (That is not the actual bloom that won, but it is very similiar/from the same plant.)

Happy Monday!  Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers :)

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