Did you go out Black Friday ?

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Did you Go Out Shopping on Black Friday?  I did.  I went out on Black Friday for the 3rd Year In A Row, all thanks to my 1st Black Friday Experience a couple of years ago…

Here’s My Story About it …

Well, I finally did it.  I went against years of eye rolling and head shaking… and I joined the shoppers in the early morning on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

I had previously sworn off Christmas shopping even on weekends- due to crowds.  I had always shopped strictly on weekdays, when parking is easy and crowds are… nonexistent.

But the deals that were being advertised got me, and the desire to surprise my parents with a laptop computer this Christmas…

So there I was, dropped off on the sidewalk in front of Staples… at 7:45am.

(Please; I wouldn’t forgo regular sleep for shopping; 7:45 was early enough.)

I walked in.  People were shopping, but it wasn’t crazy.  I was told there was a ‘laptop area’, approached it, and within a few minutes I was being helped.

Every employee was really well informed, and helpful.  The assistant manager who helped me with the laptop, also helped me find the 50%-off shredder I had seen in the paper (my gift to myself- I’ve always wanted a paper shredder for some reason AND I got it in ‘sapphire’- gotta love Christmas shopping.)

Then, I got up to the cashier- with my crazy-discounted laptop, the discounted wireless mouse, and my 50%-off sapphire paper shredder- and the assistant manager starts in on what I think is going to be the ‘strong sell’…

“Do you need a new printer to go with your laptop?”

“No.”  I firmly, but nicely replied.

Then the cashier and assistant manager exchanged almost embarrassed looks…

And the cashier looked at me and said,

“They’re five dollars.”

What?  What did she mean?  I thought I heard her wrong…  But it turned out that when you bought a laptop during ‘early bird’ hours on Black Friday, you could also get a new printer for $5, or a wireless, touchpad printer for $15.00.

… So I got the wireless touchpad printer for our computer room for fifteen dollars!!

My guys had decided against going to Dunkin’ Donuts and instead found a parking space right in front of the store, and walked in- just in time for us all to carry packages out to the car!

Success!  For a moment, I thought I heard trumpets playing…

I was so inspired- I did something I wasn’t planning on doing.  In fact, I never thought I’d do it-

I told my husband and my son to do some male bonding … and I WENT BACK OUT SHOPPING!

I went to Toys R US next-

It was busy, but so well organized! There were tons of helpful employees, the checkout was incredible, almost no wait- one line, specially made for Black Friday, and a guy pointing out clear cashiers… And last but not least- a young man whose sole job was passing out complimentary boxes of new 64 crayon sets!

I was having such a great time… I went to 4 more stores !!!!

I got some GREAT deals!

And people were nice, not crazy.

I think I just may do this again next year, I almost feel like the ‘Shopping Scrooge’ who has been enlightened, and now sees the error in their ‘previous shopping ways’…

Black Friday Shopping-

Another tradition has begun!

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