I Had Poop Under My Nails Too…

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Being a mom to a baby,

and even harder sometimes- a toddler, can be tough.

Rewarding, but tough.

You get the snuggles,

the baby fat rolls,

the mama-unconditional-I-need-you-stuff,

that you don’t always get being the mom of a 6-year-old.

But you also get the I-can’t-leave-the-room-for-a-minute, blow your nose, and diaper disaster stuff.

You don’t always shower (shhh… it’s okay) and sometimes you’re in sweats…

And sometimes, just when you think you are getting-it-all-together,

you find out you’ve been walking around all day with Cheerios stuck to your butt…

But it’s okay, because at least you didn’t find poop under your fingernails… like I did…

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