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I’ve always cut my son’s hair.  He has a lot of curly hair and it grows at lightning speed, and I like to keep it short, in a real little boy haircut.

We’ve been trying to convince him to get his haircut at Daddy’s barbershop up the street.  It’s nice, I see tons of kids there.  We’ve gone with my husband to get his hair cut, gotten lollipops they’ve given us, blah, blah, blah.

So we’re driving in the car yesterday, right by the barbershop.

I say to my son, in an effort to drive home the point of going to the barbershop

and that ‘everyone’ is doing it-

“I’m going to go to Daddy’s barbershop to get my hair trimmed soon.”

My son:  “Good for you Mommy!”


Not the response I was looking for.


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butterfly.jpgAt Monday pick-up from school,

my son and I walked through a big field of grass and buttercups to our car.  He spotted a yellow butterfly; not the normal little white moth butterflies that you see everywhere this time of year.

“A yellow butterfly!” He excitedly pointed out to me.

I would not have noticed it; Thank goodness for 4-year-olds.

“Let’s chase it!”  And so we did.  We ran around and stopped when the butterfly did.  We got very close a couple of times.

My son laughed and laughed.

And I realized at that moment that I had never actually chased a butterfly before.

Like I said, Thank goodness for 4-year-olds!


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world1.jpgOn the History Channel last night I caught the tail end of a discussion about the physics of gravity and the earth. It was on a show called The Universe.

If you could dig a hole between any two points in a straight line (the straight line was emphasized) in the world:

DC to NYC,

DC to LA,

DC to Beijing,

DC to Finland,

To travel through the hole would take you 42 minutes. It doesn’t matter the distance, the time is exactly the same for all of the ‘tunnels’ that you would dig.

Imagine the tunnel is a semi-circle, like a frown: You would fall down, gravity would pull you (obviously),

then the velocity and speed you had generated would push you back up to the other end.

The time is the same no matter what the distance because of the steepness of falling = gravity.

Now let’s see:

In 42 minutes on any given morning I usually put in a load of wash, help my son get dressed, make breakfast, make lunches, get myself ready, pick up random pieces of playdough from the rug, have some sort of crazy conversation with my 4-year-old,

‘Mommy, where do butterflies go to the bathroom?’…
and take him to preschool.

Hmmm, that or freefalling to Beijing in 42 minutes… seems about right.

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