The Weirdest Karma Coincidence- it can only go on a blog

April 27, 2010 by
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I believe in Karma…

If you’re nice, you attract niceness.

If you are cranky and mean, you attract crankiness and meanness.  Pay it forward- yada, yada, yada.

So last Wednesday, I wrote the post, Jake Ryan vs. Blane McDonough.  Blane McDonough is the guy from Pretty in Pink, and I even wrote in that post that I didn’t even remember ‘Blane’s last name and I had to look it up…(McDonough).

So fast forward to yesterday, Monday, less than a week since then, and I find myself quoting a line from Raising Arizona on my other blog- HouseHold Tips Blog

It’s a quote from the Nicolas Cage character- H.I. or ‘Hi’ and I didn’t remember this, but guess what

Hi’s last name is-


IS THAT NOT SO WEIRD?  … albeit, trivial

But it’s not like McDonough is ‘Smith’ or anything…

I’ve decided this is ‘Good Karma’

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