Um… Martians are Pretend

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We have been learning a lot lately here about planets and the Solar System! My son recently went with his nursery school class to a planetarium… and then we ‘made’ a planetarium here at home with a small tent.  We talked about the fact that our planet, Earth, is just far enough, and close enough to the Sun to support life.

“Yes!”  My son was so excited.  And I’m thinking how much we are learning and what a great mom I am to have a planetarium made from a small tent in our computer room!!


And then is happened-

“Except for Martians, Mom!”

“Um… Martians are pretend.”

“They are?… Oh.”

And he was fine with that.  And we went on with our discussion, with me thinking all-the-while, 

I’m amazed that #1,  my son thought Martians were real and that #2,  having just been told that something he thought was real is in fact- NOT REAL, was fine with him…

I think we’re going to tackle a discussion about the ‘Milky Way’, not containing any milk today,

wish me luck!

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