Go Down and See The Cherry Blossoms- Parking is EASY

April 10, 2009 by
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My son and I went down to see The Cherry Blossoms… for the first time.  I’m embarrassed we hadn’t done it before because it was so easy- and come on, the Cherry Blossoms are just so pretty!


They are officially ‘past peak’ right now, but as you can see from my pictures- they still look pretty good!

About the parking- it’s easy!  Just drive down to the Tidal Basin, go around the Jefferson Memorial and that parkway right there that circles the Tidal Basin and is right by the FDR Memorial has free parking all along it.  That’s right- they changed it from 2 ways to a 1 way street- so 1 lane is all parking- brilliant !!!!!!

When did the DC government get so smart ??!!

That’s how it was this week- check the Official Website for details, (although on the website they encourage you to park and take their free tram).

Go down- it’s easy, fun and there’s nothing like seeing the Cherry Blossoms in person!




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One Comment on Go Down and See The Cherry Blossoms- Parking is EASY

  1. JessicaAPISS on Sun, 12th Apr 2009 7:50 pm
  2. Hey Nicole – This is SUPER! Would you be willing to guest/cross post this on A Parent in Silver Spring.com? I’d be so grateful and I think readers would be totally interested and invigorated by how easy this historic annual event can be! xo Jessica

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