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February 17, 2009 by
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Thank You to all the women out there who offered their kind words and thoughts and prayers to me after writing about my ectopic pregnancy (below).  The wishes from near and far have helped me, whether you read it here or over at DC Metro Moms.  

It was a hard post to write, but I felt I had to and it was time, because I see a lot of misinformation about ectopic pregnancy, OR NO information out there about ectopic pregnancy.

Once again, I want to inform and empower women and remind women to trust their instincts…

An ectopic pregnancy can go from bad to worse very quickly.  

Please seek immediate medical attention if you are pregnant and in pain.

And THANK YOU AGAIN.  Thank you for all your warm wishes.

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One Comment on Thank You

  1. jodifur on Sat, 21st Feb 2009 10:00 pm
  2. I was so sad for you. That was the first post I read when I got back from vacation. I’m so sorry.

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