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shamrock.jpgMy husband is Irish. He used to take off work for St. Patrick’s Day. We’d wake up, have breakfast, get on Metro and head down to the Dubliner on North Capitol Street.

With the shadow of the Capitol building at our backs, we’d take a break for lunch and then head to other Irish bars around DC. The last year we did this- we made it until 8:00pm and we were done. We found ourselves back in Bethesda and walked on home. But we were proud we had lasted so long.

We have fun memories from those St. Patrick’s Days… you meet some interesting characters in Irish bars at 10am (it’s a little embarrassing to see the 10am in print).

About a month after St. Patrick’s Day in 2003 I got pregnant with my beautiful son… and our tradition of celebrating St. Patrick’s day ALL DAY LONG, rode into the sunset.

This year my 4-year-old son greeted me with a huge smile at the end of school and showed me the necklace he made out of string, green beads and green straws.

After my son went to sleep we got out NCAA brackets and talked about our picks for the neighborhood NCAA pool. We were sitting on the couch with books on our laps to write on. I noticed the books: ‘Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things that Go’ and Eric Carle’s ’10 Little Rubber Ducks’.

My, how things change.

Green beer days are over… good riddance :)

This reflection on the days of green beer and happy hours can also be read at DC Metro Moms.

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