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Ahhh, Christmas cards, holiday baking, presents… birthday parties to plan.
Birthday parties?

I’m alluding to the extra ‘fun’ predicament of having a child around the holidays. My son was born exactly one week before Christmas. If you have already leaned closer to your computer screen – you definitely have a holiday baby. And you are awesome! Good job getting everything and everyone in your family taken care of this time of year
AND making your child feel special all at the same time! I know, I’m indirectly complimenting myself… But holiday mommies need a little pep talk this time of year!

I never thought about the ins and outs of the December birthday; I’m a June birthday (good planning, Mom) and my husband is a July birthday (nice planning, Mom-In-Law). But now I have a different worldview- and we’ve made the decision… (drumroll, please) to decorate for Christmas the 19th, the day AFTER my son’s birthday this year.

It is a big decision but one my son seems to think is very logical. Okay, he’s three. But it’s his special day and this is what he wants. He is incredibly excited for his birthday this year because as he once again, logically puts it, “I’m turning Four!”

So we have up no decorations. He doesn’t care. And we’re lucky enough that my husband is taking off that next day, the 19th. We’re getting up and going out and getting a tree, bringing it home and we’ll be garlanded, wreathed, ornamented and mistletoed by lunchtime.

It could be more of a logistical nightmare- I know a wonderful young mom who had HEALTHY twins last Christmas Eve. When we all heard, every other mom around said, “What a special Christmas gift!” I thought so too, but secretly my next thought was, “That’s going to be logistically tough.”

Another friend of mine has four of her five children’s birthdays within a month span, starting the first week in December… and her husband’s too.

I don’t know if I feel guilty about not decorating now OR if I think I should feel guilty. It’s an experiment. We’ll see how it goes.

Since becoming a ‘holiday mommy’ I’ve quickly learned I’m not alone. I have gotten great advice from everyone and anyone who is born or has a child born this time of year. Most importantly, I’ve learned to make your child’s birthday completely separate from Christmas… if you can. And just make your little guy or gal feel special.

I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR Tips, Advice, Rookie Mistakes and Success Stories from ‘holiday babies’ moms’ out there! Every holiday mom I have ever spoken to has a story!

It is a busier than usual time of year to plan a birthday, but I would have taken my little guy on any day of the year!

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  1. Ladybug Crossing on Fri, 11th Jan 2008 6:08 am
  2. Good for you!! My sister is also a Dec. 18th baby. We never had any Christmas things up before her birthday. We always made her birthday very special. I’m sure it was hellish for my mother, but she wanted Nicole to feel special…

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