The CRAZINESS of 6-Year-Olds… How Does That Seem Logical to You?!

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Ahhh, it’s usually very nice, I imagine, to be 6… playgrounds, milk and cookies, the tooth fairy- all good stuff.
But sometimes, it just makes no sense!
Case in point:
My son LOVES:
* Ketchup
* Pizza sauce
* Spaghetti
* Cheese
BUT refuses to eat Spaghetti Sauce ON Spaghetti because he says he doesn’t like it…
I’ve explained to him that spaghetti sauce is very much like pizza sauce…
which he eats with EVERYTHING… and basically couldn’t live without,

And he looks at me like I’m lying to him, or something,
like Spaghetti Sauce has some hidden booby trap and it is laced with HOT PEPPERS,
or something.
And I’ve told him, ‘Why would I lie to you? I’m your Mom. Trust me.’ I mean- I’ve taken care of him every day for 6 years now and loved him… so why would I lie to him about Spaghetti Sauce??!!

Oh, and now, this morning, he just informed me that he doesn’t like the hot dogs at school anymore…
Because of how they taste with chocolate milk   ??!!

What sense does that make?

Does Your Child Have any weird food hang-ups?

Art Project: Make Steering Wheels From Paper Plates!

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steering wheels Got a car-obsessed, truck-loving kid?

I do.

There are cars and trucks ALL OVER my house…

and steering wheels.

‘Steering wheels?’ You may ask…

Why yes, steering wheels.

They are really paper plates, but the minute they are cut and decorated with symbols, they become…

steering wheels.

My son LOVES them and HIS FRIENDS do too.

We have All car brands represented, and he likes to pick a favorite-of-the-day to take along with him in the car.  He ‘drives’ in the back seat, we keep extra steering wheels in the car for friends and THEY drive in the back seat too, in our car.

Ahhh, imagination :)

How do you make a steering wheel?  Well, we’ve done research here in our house (trust me), and we’ve found the best site to find ALL DIFFERENT BRANDS of cars and thus, pictures of steering wheels, is CarMax.  Click on whatever ‘kind’ of car steering wheel you want (Toyota, Chevy,etc.), click on a specific car, and there will be pictures of it,

Click on ‘More Photos’ under each car and there is always a close up of the steering wheel.

Isn’t that cool?

So now you know,

and you’re the Cool Mom :)

‘You Can Say Whatever You Want, But It Has To Start With Y…’

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Quotable Friday I normally share great, usually inspirational quotes, on Fridays,

under my feature,

Quotable Fridays,

Today I share an actual quote my 6-year-old son uttered,

“You can say Whatever You Want,

But it Has To Start with Y.”

Meaning- Yes.

Well, nobody has ever accused him of being dumb.

I wish that actually worked!

I love the mind of a 6-year-old :)

Back to your day… enjoy and have a good one!

The Price of a ‘Big Boy’

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The Price of a 'Big Boy' To see your offspring, the product of your loins, grow and become independent is a wonderful thing…

in some ways.

There is a price to pay…

Are you reading this while your little one sits on the floor in his or her adorable matching outfit… complete with matching socks?

Are you? Enjoy it. Those days are gone for me…

My son never used to care about what he wore… so I could dress him!

But now, he does care… he just doesn’t care if it matches or not.

He’s picking out his own clothes and (Mom Victory… wait for it…) getting dressed completely by himself!
We used bribery for the latter… Hey! Don’t throw stones!

But what price did I pay?

His favorite, ‘go-to-even-when-they-are-dirty’ articles of clothing are: his orange pants and his blue blazer…

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My Son is Dressing Himself Now… ugh

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jeans   Independence is a great thing.  Growing up and ‘being a big boy’ is a great thing.  

There is a down-side to this however: little ‘big boys’ don’t know fashion, let alone what matches… and more importantly- Completely Don’t Care.

This is why you should never wrinkle your brow or frown when you see a little guy in what looks like ‘thrown together’ outfits… it’s not that their mother didn’t look to see what they put on,

It’s that she secretly cringed at the outfit, but hid her initial response because her son was so proud of himself for actually getting clothes out of his closet and drawers by himself, therefor, ‘picking’ an outfit, and fastened buttons and zipped zippers and got dressed- socks and all.

Case In Point:  

Saturday Night Dinner Out-

My son wore:

Blue sweatpants, his Phineas and Ferb t-shirt, and a Blue Blazer.


Yep, sweatpants and a blazer…

But that’s what he picked out, put on, and wanted to wear,

And he’s a big boy now,

So that’s what we went with.




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“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.”

~Marion C. Garretty,

quoted in ‘A Little Spoonful of Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul’


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“Mommy, I love books… and cars.”

You really can’t ask for much more than that, from a 4-year-old boy.


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This is the last day that my son is going to camp.  Along with all the great things that go along with him going to a great camp like,

doing art projects,

playing with other kids,

playing on a great playground,

leading a game of Zingo,

making new friends,

not doing EVERYTHING with Mommy,

and allowing Mommy to have a couple of hours 3x a week to do things like blogging, bills and cleaning,

I started a good habit while he has been at camp.

I walk to pick him up.  His camp is about a mile walking from our home.  So I set out a few minutes earlier than I ordinarily would, push his jogging stroller and arrive at camp.  We then ‘walk’ home together…

He, riding in his jogging stroller,

Me, pushing him and his stroller, and getting a good workout.

This has been a great way to incorporate exercising into my day to ‘trick’ myself into exercising!

I was even visiting one of my girlfriends last week, and she asked me if I had been working out,

I told her ‘yes’ :)


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This is my coffee table.

I’ll actually call it my tea table because I don’t drink coffee.

But when you tape some paper on it and get out some crayons and markers,

It becomes a map for cars to drive on,

or a picture to create and color,

or a kingdom for action figures to live in.

It doesn’t take much to stimulate a little one’s imagination.

I got a huge pad of this big paper from our local art supply store for $5.00.  Priceless!


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It’s a hot summer here in DC… and humid.

Did I mention humid? Ah, but that’s what DC is known for, right? We’re merely fulfilling destiny and giving people what they want…

But I digress.

Anywhere you are it’s imperative to keep your little kiddies protected from the sun. Sunscreen is essential. I like to use the SPF 50 on my son. My little guy also has 3 pairs of sunglasses and (thankfully) loves to wear them.

But most importantly, it’s good to get the little ones used to wearing hats. My little one loves baseball caps, which are great for shielding little faces from the sun.

However, after a look at the The Little Hat Company website and taking a gander at all their adorable hats for boys and girls, I had to contact them and they’ve graciously agreed to sponsor a contest!

Leave a comment on anything you do to keep your little ones safe from the sun. That’s it.

A winner will be selected at random on July 31st. I’ll then contact the winner by email and you can pick out your favorite hat and the size you want and The Little Hat Company will send it to you.

It’s that easy!

In the meantime, check out The Little Hat Company to look at some adorable hats.

I’m so glad I found out about this company…

Thank You to Andrea’s Recipes for putting them on my radar!

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