Help the Ayala Triplets… with Pizza!

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Pizza Boli’s in Germantown
and Gaithersburg
are having a fundraiser for the Ayala Family!

Participating Locations:
20012 Goshen Rd.
Montgomery Village,
MD&12949 Wisteria Dr.
Germantown,  MD.

Every Thursday
until the end of the year,
they will donate 10% of the days profit to
the Ayala Family/Montgomery County Law Enforcement Officers Relief Fund.

Yes, this is EVERY Thursday.  Treat your family and yourself to Thursday night Pizza,

while you help raise money for

Melissa Ayala,
her healthy new triplets (all girls),
and Hector Jr. (not yet 2).

Montgomery County Police Officer Hector Ayala died in the line of duty on Easter morning this year.

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What Fallen Officer Ayala’s Triplets Need and Where to Send It or Drop It Off

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Lots of GREAT PEOPLE have been contacting me about donating things to the Ayala Triplets!  Three Brand New HEALTHY GIRLS!

By the Way- I’m starting the hashtag #AyalaTriplets on twitter, to keep us organized- for all you tweeters out there!

Right now she needs

1. Monetary donations (see address below)

2. Gift cards- to Target, or Buy Buy Baby or even to Pizza Hut, etc. for dinners

3. Girl clothes- newborn to 6 months. (and premie if you have it)

4.  AND newborn Diapers.

All the triplets are big for triplets, about 5 pounds each, and healthy !!!!!



1. CALL the Fraternal Order of Police at 301-948-4286 TO ARRANGE a drop off to:

Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 35

18512 Office Park Drive

Montgomery Village, MD 20886

Melissa has baby gear right now.  She needs What Is On This List.

She WILL need clothes in the future,

So if you do have clothes that her son or the girls can grow into for example, 6 months from now,

I’m asking if you have room to store them for awhile, please do.  If not, everyone understands, and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  The FOP Lodge doesn’t have a lot of room right now to store things.  Perhaps that will change.  Everyone is getting organized; Melissa has just arrived home from the hospital healthy!

Thank You to EVERYONE who has contacted me… and the Montgomery County Police!

Please be patient as we All work together to help this Mom :)

This is not a 1 time effort.  The Fraternal Order of Police will keep me updated when the triplets need things from time to time, and I will post it here.  And send it out to the private email list which has started.  To join this list, leave a comment below!

For Out-Of-Towners: Please send your donations to the FOP LODGE above.  Please call them to tell them your donation is coming.

Please, for now, keep to the list above.


** If ANYONE has a contact at a diaper company, please leave a comment below or leave a comment in my ‘Contact Me’ page (if you only want me to read it).

Graco and DC Metro Moms Donate 3 Car Seats to Fallen Officer’s Widow Expecting Triplets

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It was my pleasure, on behalf of Graco and DC Metro Moms, to give the Montgomery County Police 3 brand new Graco car seats for Melissa Ayala, widow of Officer Hector Ayala, who died in the line of duty in April.

A Police Officer, who was also a dear friend of Hector Ayala, came to my home to pick them up and he also gave me some information to tell everyone in our community and beyond.

Melissa is doing as well as can be expected, and will most likely give birth this week.  She and the babies are healthy, although she is in pain and discomfort (but we all know as mothers, that being pregnant with triplets cannot be easy).

I also learned that the gender of the babies is unknown, it’s been too hard to tell…

Yeah, I know.  I swallowed hard learning that.  Not only is this woman giving birth to triplets IMMINENTLY- without her husband- she doesn’t know any of their genders…

The Officer added that she is receiving baby stuff right now but he worries,

“When they’re 6 months…”

“When they’re 1…”

“When they’re 2…”

Okay.  So this is tough…


  1. Melissa already has a 14 month old son, so she does have some boy stuff.

SHE HAS NO GIRL STUFF OR CLOTHES.  We’ll know this week if she needs any girl stuff.  I’ll let you know.

  1. If you have any baby or toddler toys, accessories, clothes, etc. that you were planning to give away, please consider putting them away for now, and giving them to the Ayala family.
  1. Please leave a comment if you want to be informed and/or involved in helping with donations to Mrs. Ayala and her triplets, and her son.  I will save everyone’s email and periodically ask for specific things that she needs.  The Montgomery County Police are contacting me when she has a need for something.

Also, if you have any contacts or relationships with companies that may be willing to donate their products to the triplets, please leave a comment and let me know.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers for the triplets, they have been passed on and it is a great comfort that the brand new car seats are ready for them.  They will be safe when they are taken home from the hospital.

This all came to pass basically through tweets; our online community is strong.  Let’s use our community to continue to help this mother.

Thank You for your kindness.

Helping Police Widow Expecting Triplets

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Less than a month ago I wrote this post about a mother who is now a widow.

Melissa Ayala lost her husband, a Montgomery County Police Officer, last month and is expecting triplets next month.

She has now registered at Buy Buy Baby.

And you can view her registry directly here.

The wonderful people at Graco are donating

3 car seats to Melissa for her triplets

on behalf of Graco and DC Metro Moms!

Let’s work together to help this mom out,

Please consider getting her something from her registry.


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