Just Another Reason Why I Love Mr. Rogers

December 21, 2008 by · 1 Comment
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(Do you think this looks like Mr. Rogers? Yeah, I’m thinking this doesn’t look like him either, but it was one of the pictures that came up when I entered- ‘sweater’ into Microsoft Free Clip Art and I thought the blue v-neck reminded me of Mr. Rogers… so go with me this time: that this is a picture of Mr. Rogers.)

To be serious, I just read the following quote from Fred Rogers about how important it is to nurture babies, and indirectly, how important mothers are:

“I believe that infants and babies whose mothers give them loving comfort whenever and however they can are truly the fortunate ones. I think they’re more likely to find life’s times of trouble manageable,

and I think they may also turn out to be the adults most able to pass loving concern along to the generations that follow after them.”

-Mr. Rogers

We’re doing the world’s most important work here ladies… and gents.

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