Mister Rogers Rocks! Vote For Your Favorite Episode!

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books I love Mister Rogers!  He basically Rocks!

I mean, what’s not to love? He plays pretend, always gets into ‘comfortable clothes’, has snacks, and visits cool neighbors!

Do you love Mister Rogers?  Of course you do!

So celebrate his birthday by voting for your favorite Mr. Rogers episode!

PBSKIDS is providing the opportunity to vote for a favorite episode of MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD. Voters can choose from seven favorite MISTER ROGERS episodes available at www.PBSKIDS.org/rogers. The winning episode will broadcast on-air and online on Saturday March 20th, celebrating Fred Rogers’ birthday.

Along with voting for a favorite episode, you may also be interested in the never before-seen clips, behind the scenes moments and outtakes from MISTER ROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD online at www.pbs.org/video.

Happy Birthday Mr. Rogers!

You Gotta Love Mr. Rogers…

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Mr. Rogers- from Wikipedia         On this rainy Monday morning,

         I can always count on words of wisdom from 

          Mr. Rogers,

          “Love and trust,
           in the space between what’s said and what’s heard in our life,
           can make all the difference in this world.”

                                  – Fred Rogers


Have a Great Day



Just Another Reason Why I Love Mr. Rogers

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(Do you think this looks like Mr. Rogers? Yeah, I’m thinking this doesn’t look like him either, but it was one of the pictures that came up when I entered- ‘sweater’ into Microsoft Free Clip Art and I thought the blue v-neck reminded me of Mr. Rogers… so go with me this time: that this is a picture of Mr. Rogers.)

To be serious, I just read the following quote from Fred Rogers about how important it is to nurture babies, and indirectly, how important mothers are:

“I believe that infants and babies whose mothers give them loving comfort whenever and however they can are truly the fortunate ones. I think they’re more likely to find life’s times of trouble manageable,

and I think they may also turn out to be the adults most able to pass loving concern along to the generations that follow after them.”

-Mr. Rogers

We’re doing the world’s most important work here ladies… and gents.

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