The Price of a ‘Big Boy’

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The Price of a 'Big Boy' To see your offspring, the product of your loins, grow and become independent is a wonderful thing…

in some ways.

There is a price to pay…

Are you reading this while your little one sits on the floor in his or her adorable matching outfit… complete with matching socks?

Are you? Enjoy it. Those days are gone for me…

My son never used to care about what he wore… so I could dress him!

But now, he does care… he just doesn’t care if it matches or not.

He’s picking out his own clothes and (Mom Victory… wait for it…) getting dressed completely by himself!
We used bribery for the latter… Hey! Don’t throw stones!

But what price did I pay?

His favorite, ‘go-to-even-when-they-are-dirty’ articles of clothing are: his orange pants and his blue blazer…

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Has American Idol Jumped The Shark?

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American IdolDo You LOVE American Idol?… (crickets chirping)

Okay, do you like American Idol?  (I’m in this category).

American Idol: Have You Jumped the Shark?

First of all, I used to love to watch the opening auditions; who doesn’t love a good train wreck, and more importantly, the discovery of a great unknown talent?!

But this year seems different; it is different.

I was never a huge Paula fan, but… I miss her now, or rather, I miss what she brought to the show.  There – I said it.  I miss Paula!

And Simon is leaving after this season and seems like ‘this-American-Idol-judge-thing’ is tiresome.

And who can blame him?  His ‘X Factor’ show is starting up next year, supposedly an ‘American Idol’ without age limits.  He’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars, so it’s not about the money, a.k.a.- he doesn’t need this gig. And he’s supposedly asking Paula Abdul to be a judge on his ‘X Factor’ show–

for all the rolling of the eyes he used to do-  HE MISSES PAULA TOO.

Ellen DeGeneres has brilliant comic timing on her show, but I’m not quite sure she works on American Idol.  And Kara, the super-talented singer songwriter judge, is still looking for her role… I think.

But American Idol is about finding singing talent…

Where is the talent this year?  It’s there… yes.  But I’m not completely excited by anyone.  I was spoiled last year by Adam Lambert.  I tuned in every week to hear him sing and was excited to hear what new arrangement he would put together (yes, I admit it).

Adam Lambert was CRAZY good.

This year EVERYONE seems just, a, little,   tired.

Move Over Fonzie,

American Idol is slipping… into its waterskis to- Jump The Shark.

Sledding- Thanks to Bulldozing Snow!

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Well, the impossible has happened.
Pigs must be flying,
And Hell must be frozen over…
my son is able to SLED down this HUGE mound of snow in our flat front yard,
thanks to the BULLDOZERS, yes, BULLDOZERS that plowed our street and covered every front yard with literally, walls of snow.
Everybody’s yard, lawn and landscaping is shot…
But that is another post, for another day…

The kids on our street are happy !

Has Anyone Tried ‘The Ab Circle’… It looks like torture

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exercise     Just wondering- Has ANYONE ever used The AbCircle ?


It looks so hard,

that the only people who can use it, are ones who are already in shape,

thus, erasing the need for the AbCircle in the first place.

And there, my friends, lies the dilemma, 

with all these exercise machines that you see on TV-

when you finally get to the point that you can use them consistently,

you don’t need them anymore…


I jest, of course,

… kinda.



“I Vant To Be Alone”

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GARBO Do you get a lot of time alone? No, me neither.

I love alone time…

I VALUE my time alone now. I even guard it.

I even schedule alone time… or at least I try to- between playing Connect 4, being a taxi service, grocery shopping and laundry.
I didn’t use to be this way.
When I was younger I never cared about ‘alone time’… I mean when I was younger and wasn’t a mother.

I guess when you are only responsible for yourself, you get more alone time…

Now, I love alone time.

I even meditate now (yeah, I read The Secret… didn’t we all?)

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Quotable Friday

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Quotable Friday    “All that we are

is the result of what we have thought.”



Think Good Thoughts :)


A Great Field Trip: The DC Auto Show!!

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car   Yes,

The DC Auto Show, actually titled- The Washington Auto Show is going on NOW through Sunday !  

We went last year,

and if you have a child who likes cars, and trucks, and SUVs, and vans, LIKE I DO – 

this is a GREAT field trip!!!

It’s at the DC Convention Center, so you can hop on Metro (a train :) ) and simply go!

There’s food, little giveaways here and there, Dora, Diego, SuperWhy characters,

and lots and lots of VEHICLES :)

Adults are $10,

Kids 6-12 years old are $5,

and Kids 5 and Under are FREE!

It’s a lot of fun,

we’re going tomorrow,




Check Out My New HouseHold Tips Blog!

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Household Tips   Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce my NEW BLOG!

Please go check out HouseHold Tips Blog!!

Add it to your feedreader or list of favorites or get a subscription by email and every time I publish a new HouseHold Tip you’ll get an email of it!

Also, got a HouseHold Tip you love? Email me and I’ll publish it – and Thank You officially on my new site!!



My Son is Dressing Himself Now… ugh

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jeans   Independence is a great thing.  Growing up and ‘being a big boy’ is a great thing.  

There is a down-side to this however: little ‘big boys’ don’t know fashion, let alone what matches… and more importantly- Completely Don’t Care.

This is why you should never wrinkle your brow or frown when you see a little guy in what looks like ‘thrown together’ outfits… it’s not that their mother didn’t look to see what they put on,

It’s that she secretly cringed at the outfit, but hid her initial response because her son was so proud of himself for actually getting clothes out of his closet and drawers by himself, therefor, ‘picking’ an outfit, and fastened buttons and zipped zippers and got dressed- socks and all.

Case In Point:  

Saturday Night Dinner Out-

My son wore:

Blue sweatpants, his Phineas and Ferb t-shirt, and a Blue Blazer.


Yep, sweatpants and a blazer…

But that’s what he picked out, put on, and wanted to wear,

And he’s a big boy now,

So that’s what we went with.



An Unbelievable Moment That Only Happens When You Are Outnumbered 2 to 1 By Guys

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pumpkins     It happened yesterday, amid a totally delightful afternoon…

I left my son and husband alone for mere moments in the living room.  Upon my return, my son pointed out the Halloween stickers  he stuck to -1. the living room wall, and 2. the glass pained door at the back of our living room that leads to our screened-in porch.

Incredulously, I looked at my husband, saying to him through my mom-vulcan-stare, aka-

“Why did you let our little guy stick halloween stickers to our painted walls and nice glass?”

His response:

“Stickers aren’t permanent.  Worst case scenario: we can get them off with a razor blade.”

Yes, a RAZOR BLADE.  I’m not kidding.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried…

So, both males, still thinking it’s no big deal, went into our computer room,

meanwhile, I gently pulled the stickers off THE WALL AND GLASS,

stuck them to A PIECE OF PAPER,

and wrote ‘Happy Halloween’ and put that up,

for a Halloween ‘decoration’…

Everyone wins :)


I still cannot believe I actually heard, “… worst case scenario: we can use a razor blade…”


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