How Can I Be 40… and Not Know This… Again!

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Well, it’s another day here and I’m happy to report that I continue to learn things every day; the only thing that is a little disconcerting about this is my thought
AFTER learning said new thing, which is-
‘Why didn’t I ask that question before?’
‘How Can I be 40… and Not Know This?’

So here goes the new bit of information that I just learned, get ready:

Guys who are called ‘Trip’ are really the 3rd generation of a name,
for example- Robert Francis Jones III
Trip is short for ‘Triple’
as in 3,
3rd generation.
Doesn’t that make sense?

Wow. I can’t believe I didn’t know that before.

If you didn’t know that either, I’m happy sharing this new information with you,

if you are thinking, ‘Wow, I can’t believe you didn’t know that either’,

please, just keep it to yourself,

Thank you.

NextDayFlyers $25 GiveAway on BananaBlueberry GiveAway Page This Week!

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NextDayFlyers 2 Woo Woo!  It’s GiveAway Time Here at BananaBlueberry!

NexDayFlyers wants to give a BananaBlueberry reader-

a $25 Gift Card to use on anything on their site!

So Go To My GiveAway Page by Clicking Here,

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Good Luck!

Don’t Let Your Child Stack Magnets on Your Laptop…

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Computer I’m back online, ahhhhhhh.

Something I learned during the snowstorm:  Tell your children that it is a rule not to put magnets on your laptop.

Yep, my son put these TINY magnets on my MacBook and POOF!  It Broke.

Long Story Short:  The employees at the Apple Store are fantastic and gave me instructions on how to install a new hard drive and recover my files from my old hard drive- I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t do any of this- my husband did.

FYI- Apple will install a new hard drive for you for $210.  This is not a crazy price, but you can easily buy a very good hard drive for under a $100 and install it yourself.  The hard part was ‘recovering’ my old files from my broken hard drive.  APPLE WILL NOT DO THIS.  And I understand why now:  We recovered MOST of my files, but not all of them.  Apple basically doesn’t want the headache of customers saying, “But 3 out of the 350 files didn’t come through.”  They don’t want to be in that game.  And they don’t have to be.  I don’t blame them.  And like I said, they will tell YOU how to do it… And just one more thing: make an appointment online or call beforehand- then you don’t have to wait!

And just to reiterate:

No Magnets on Laptops!

Make it a Rule in Your House-

Quotable Friday

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Quotable Friday “NO MORE SNOW!”

After 3 feet of snow has fallen within a week here in the DC Area,

I say,

no more…

I’m done with you, snow.

Stop Saying North Dakota Gets This All The Time!

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Washington DC Area.

Here we are in our 2nd blizzard WITHIN a week.

I have lived here all my life and cannot remember EVER getting this much snow.

We have survived a power outage, and my laptop hard drive breaking (FYI- don’t let your children put magnets on your laptop… yes, I’m serious).

I’m content with the exception of 1 thing-

I wish commentators and reporters on TV would stop saying things like,

“Ya know, people in say, ‘North Dakota’ get this all the time.”


“Yes, I know they get a lot of snow.  But we usually don’t.  And people in North Dakota have the right tools for snow removal and survival.  Even in Cleveland they have whole departments set up for snow removal, we don’t.  Everyone has a 4-wheel drive in North Dakota, I think it may be a state law even.  Not everyone here has a 4-wheel drive…like us for instance.”

DCers:  Hunker Down and Stay Warm!

Why Did I Buy That Toy?!

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candy cane NOTE TO SELF:  Do Not, Repeat, Do Not,                                                                       Buy your son the Whack-A-Mole Tower, 
Or Any Other Toy that involves Hammering, Pounding, and Bells
And let it be set up in your living room…

Next year.  Learn from your mistakes.



The Biggest Online Baby Shower is Today

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shopping   If you’re expecting or have a baby- go to Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect today for a huge online baby shower!

You just have to register and rsvp and then you’ll have tons of chances to win ‘stuff for the baby’

Here’s the link and it will explain exactly how to register!

Enjoy- get some stuff for yourself… and baby, this holiday season!

It runs from 10am- 8pm!



Quotable Friday

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Quotable Friday      “Give up your small ambitions,

Come and save the world.”

-St. Frances Xavier Cabrini



Quotable Friday

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Quotable Friday “You have 2 ears and 1 mouth. Use them proportionally.”

– Original Author Unknown; I read this in the current issue of Fortune Magazine.

It’s a good 1 to remember!



Health Tip: Don’t Use Cash!

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Cash      Here’s a practical Health Tip:
Don’t Use Cash.
It is much more sanitary and cuts down on the spread of germs.

Think of how many people handle a dollar bill or coin…
Instead, use the technology that is available almost everywhere now.

Take out your credit card or debit card and simply swipe it, it hasn’t touched anybody else, 
and then place it back in your wallet.
You haven’t touched anybody, and we all keep whatever germs we have, to ourselves.

And keep using that hand sanitizer:

Keep 1 in your purse and 1 in the car!


Happy Health!



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