Don’t Let Your Child Stack Magnets on Your Laptop…

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Computer I’m back online, ahhhhhhh.

Something I learned during the snowstorm:  Tell your children that it is a rule not to put magnets on your laptop.

Yep, my son put these TINY magnets on my MacBook and POOF!  It Broke.

Long Story Short:  The employees at the Apple Store are fantastic and gave me instructions on how to install a new hard drive and recover my files from my old hard drive- I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t do any of this- my husband did.

FYI- Apple will install a new hard drive for you for $210.  This is not a crazy price, but you can easily buy a very good hard drive for under a $100 and install it yourself.  The hard part was ‘recovering’ my old files from my broken hard drive.  APPLE WILL NOT DO THIS.  And I understand why now:  We recovered MOST of my files, but not all of them.  Apple basically doesn’t want the headache of customers saying, “But 3 out of the 350 files didn’t come through.”  They don’t want to be in that game.  And they don’t have to be.  I don’t blame them.  And like I said, they will tell YOU how to do it… And just one more thing: make an appointment online or call beforehand- then you don’t have to wait!

And just to reiterate:

No Magnets on Laptops!

Make it a Rule in Your House-

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