Has American Idol Jumped The Shark?

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American IdolDo You LOVE American Idol?… (crickets chirping)

Okay, do you like American Idol?  (I’m in this category).

American Idol: Have You Jumped the Shark?

First of all, I used to love to watch the opening auditions; who doesn’t love a good train wreck, and more importantly, the discovery of a great unknown talent?!

But this year seems different; it is different.

I was never a huge Paula fan, but… I miss her now, or rather, I miss what she brought to the show.  There – I said it.  I miss Paula!

And Simon is leaving after this season and seems like ‘this-American-Idol-judge-thing’ is tiresome.

And who can blame him?  His ‘X Factor’ show is starting up next year, supposedly an ‘American Idol’ without age limits.  He’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars, so it’s not about the money, a.k.a.- he doesn’t need this gig. And he’s supposedly asking Paula Abdul to be a judge on his ‘X Factor’ show–

for all the rolling of the eyes he used to do-  HE MISSES PAULA TOO.

Ellen DeGeneres has brilliant comic timing on her show, but I’m not quite sure she works on American Idol.  And Kara, the super-talented singer songwriter judge, is still looking for her role… I think.

But American Idol is about finding singing talent…

Where is the talent this year?  It’s there… yes.  But I’m not completely excited by anyone.  I was spoiled last year by Adam Lambert.  I tuned in every week to hear him sing and was excited to hear what new arrangement he would put together (yes, I admit it).

Adam Lambert was CRAZY good.

This year EVERYONE seems just, a, little,   tired.

Move Over Fonzie,

American Idol is slipping… into its waterskis to- Jump The Shark.

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