Halle Berry’s Take on Nudity

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I recently bought THE September issue of Vogue.

I say ‘THE’ because the September issue of Vogue is the biggest of the year,
and is greatly anticipated. There is even a documentary about the making
of the September issue, called…
you guessed it, ‘The September Issue’.
On this year’s September Issue is a gorgeous picture of Halle Berry,
of course, that sounds a little redundant, because every picture I’ve seen
of Halle Berry is gorgeous.
In the interview with her, conversation led to nudity and the interviewer noticed that-

‘Berry seems very comfortable with her sexuality.
“That comes with age,” she says.
“If the world wouldn’t persecute me,
I’d take nude pictures every day
of the week.”

* Just a note, a thought…  If I had the body of Halle Berry, I’d feel the same way

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