I’m Reminded of Just How Incredibly CHEESE-TASTIC The 80’s Were

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St. Elmo's Fire While my son played with Letter People, I accidentally turned on the ‘Sounds of the Seasons’ channel on our TV; I usually turn on ‘Light Classical’ during the day. Valentine’s Day/Romantic songs were playing on this channel- okay, appropriate, I thought, although Valentine’s Day was pretty much a non-event this year with over 3 feet of snow on the ground.

With ‘romantic music’ playing low in the background, while I straightened up the kitchen and my son played in our computer room/playroom/pretend-classroom I noticed something:

EVERY song I heard was from the ’80’s…

and I was taken back… and realized that the ’80’s were… CHEESE-TASTIC !

LIONEL RICHIE had a GREAT decade, in terms of commercial success,

so did Linda Ronstadt, (I heard lots of their songs :)

and do you remember… GLORIA LORING?! She was on ‘Days of Our Lives’ and sang, ‘Friends and Lovers’… she also sang the theme song to ‘Facts of Life’ and was married to Alan Thicke… who knew?!

Do you remember the band, Sheriff ?? They sang the ‘power ballad’- ‘When I’m With You’…

The ’80’s were great… And I’m so GLAD they are over.

Ugh- did you hear though that Shoulder Pads are back??!!

That’s 1 trend I’m not doing again,

Just remember,

“Don’t Cry Out Loud”

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