New ‘Eden’ Movie is Fantastic !

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I just saw the new film Eden about the harrowing tale of Chong Kim, who was kidnapped and sold into a domestic human trafficking ring in the mid 1990’s.
This movie is RIVETING. I was LITERALLY on the edge of my seat during this movie. There were scenes that I was so scared for this girl that I honestly, was leaning toward the screen.
And the acting is EXCELLENT. Jamie Chung, who plays the lead character is incredible. She is so believable…. There were other times in this movie when I was so sad for this young woman and for all these women that I thought about even if they do escape, ‘How do they recover from this?’. She was that good. Matt O’Leary and Beau Bridges are great as well.
This is a fine piece of movie making. Full Disclosure: The story was written by a high school buddy of mine, Rick Phillips and he co-wrote the screenplay too. Regardless of the fact that I know someone attached to this movie, this is such an important story to tell and it has been done so well.
The film just won The Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at the 2012 South by Southwest Film Festival, as well as many other awards.
It is out in limited release right now and you can also rent it On Demand on Verizon Fios right now too.
This movie is well worth the price of admission, and more.

Kudos to everyone who worked on this film for bringing the terrifying truth of human trafficking to the screen.



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