Who Knew Deviled Eggs Were This Easy?

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The Short Answer to that question is…

probably everyone but me.

BUT, for everyone else out there who has never attempted to make deviled eggs,

because, like me, you thought they were

‘so complicated’ and

‘kinda gourmet’,

But really you think,

‘Why make them when you can buy them already made in the grocery store, and even-in-a-cute ‘deviled egg container’? …

Well, I’m here to tell you- Deviled Eggs are incredibly EASY to make,

Incredibly QUICK to make,

And I’m sure you have all the ingredients in your pantry already…

READY?  Here we go-

Boil eggs.

Cut them in half.

Remove the yolks,

and mix them with



and a touch of vinegar…

Yeah, that’s it…

Add a touch of paprika on top for a nice little spice.

And Yeah, that’s it.

I’m feeling like,

‘How have I been alive for this long and never knew this?  How can I have been a mother for this long and never attempted this before?  Who knows how many ‘hard’ things out there… are really pretty easy?!  I bet you poached eggs aren’t that hard either!’

So now you know,

and you’re the Cool Mom… with deviled eggs for snacks!

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