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We covered our couch in a throwcover (is that what they are called?) from Pottery Barn… almost a year ago. Wait – is it called a slipcover?

We did this until we decided what to do in the couch department…

now we’re talking about an addition to the house, so the couch is being put off once again.

I am washing ‘said cover’ as we speak because I’ve never washed it…

Wow, I hope it still fits after washing, especially because I’m having a party Saturday night…

cross you fingers. I’m thinking good thoughts. I’m thinking good thoughts.

Anyway, the point of my post, here it is=

when we took off the slip cover (that is fitted, by the way) Gosh, I’m really hoping it still fits right now.

we found a key… I don’t know what it locks or unlocks


Why was there a measuring cup in my sofa?

This is the answer I really want:

not the answer to world peace, or time continuum, or life on Mars.

What was I or let’s be serious, my son doing, that a measuring cup got stuck, in the couch, so far down, that it wasn’t found until now?


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-Mister Rogers


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Check me out at ‘Becoming A Mother’.

It’s a great site for new moms and expectant moms.

I share a post on sleep deprivation and not being able to understand a children’s cartoon…

But hasn’t that happened to all of us? Please, tell me I’m not the only one who was fuzzy around the birth of my baby!

And CLICK HERE to read my guest blog!


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Our neighbors across the street have a problem with their sewer.

This is the view from my front door.

Oh wait, it’s changing.

Yes, that’s a full size bulldozer. Luckily, I’ve already made friends with the guy who is in charge of this ‘excavation project’…

The good news, he says, is that they won’t start today. They are just going to leave this bulldozer there until Monday. I’m not quite sure how that is good news… but whatever.

The bad news is that the sewer pipe they have to repair and/or replace is right in front of our driveway and house.

More bad news- he thinks he may have to replace our sewer stuff because our houses are on the same line.

BUT – hey, let’s look for that silver lining=

He says this is good in the long run, because we won’t have sewer problems ever… not that we’re having any now…

And they will get this done in 3 or 4 days… he thinks.

I’m thinking positive thoughts. I’m thinking positive thoughts. I’m thinking positive thoughts.

Happy Friday! I hope your view is better!


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Next week I have our moms meeting for my son’s preschool class.

I have already prepared a very short speech, so parents are not frightened or offended…

It goes like this:

“Ladies, so nice to see you all that I know and so nice to be able to meet the rest of you.  You may know my son already, he’s probably introduced himself in the morning when you’ve dropped off your child.  If my Little Man approaches you, recites your address to you, then tells you the best way, in his mind, to get to your house… don’t be alarmed.  He is not stalking you or your child.  He just loves maps and has been studying the class list and everyone’s addresses.”

I’ll then have to go on and say:

“Ladies, just one more thing.  If my son asks you what kind of car you drive, or has already memorized what kind of car you drive, and comments on it, he is not being a snob.  He has no idea how much a car costs… any car.  He simply LOVES CARS… ALL CARS.”

I purposely never discuss prices of cars with him.  I don’t want him to even unconsciously start thinking 1 car is better than another because it is more expensive.  Or vice versa.

I think the speech will do the job.  Of  course, the girls moms will not really understand what I am talking about, but the boys moms will all just nod their heads.


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I don’t usually touch on news stories here but people have to know about this. A fellow mom and Silicon Valley Moms Blogger shared this story.

A young man with Down Syndrome, 16 years old, was put in a closet for ‘outbursts’ during class. Teachers and school officials then called the police on him when he refused to GO BACK INTO THE CLOSET after using the restroom.

Every child must get the chance to learn… and I understand that all children are at different levels of intelligence and that maybe this child was disruptive to the ‘class learning experience’…

But who are we kidding here? You don’t put a Down Syndrome young man in a utility closet!

You don’t put ANY child in a closet!

The education system in CA and here on the other coast and everywhere in-between needs to figure this out. It’s not that hard. This story makes my heart ache.

Finally… as the banner at the top of this page reads, this blog concentrates on the ‘good stuff';
in keeping with that:

Let us not forget that every child on the planet deserves the right to learn.
This should not happen anywhere, but especially here- this is America.


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CONGRATULATIONS TO MY DAD!  He is a retired biochemist and now, avid rose and Dahlia grower.  His Dahlias are now winning awards!

The Dahlia above won Best In Show at the National Capital Dahlia Society Show.  Those are my son’s hands around the bloom, as you can make out, the flower is just about as tall as him.

My dad also (drumroll, please) went up this past weekend to Philadelphia to the American Dahlia Society National Show.

He won ‘King of the Show’ for Best Big Dahlia (in the country) with the lavender Dahlia on the left of this picture.  (That is not the actual bloom that won, but it is very similiar/from the same plant.)

Happy Monday!  Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers :)


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Check me out at DC Metro Moms, talking about consignment shopping in the DC area!


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11 years ago, on this weekend, my husband and I got married.

It was the best weeding and reception I’ve ever been to, of course. It doesn’t seem like that much time has passed on one hand, on the other, it seems like so long ago.

It was a great day. Remembering that day, the subject of ‘me’ always comes up in my head: my dress, my shoes, my hair, my makeup, me, me, me.

Then life changed to us: where are ‘we’ going on vacation, where are ‘we’ going to live, what do ‘we’ want to do for fun tonight.

Then a little guy came into our lives in December of 2003… He changed my focus.

What can I do for ‘him’, how can I help ‘him’ grow, how can I make ‘his’ life wonderful.

Who am I kidding, it’s nice to get a manicure every-once-in-a-while… But life grows bigger when you concentrate on other people besides yourself,

and having the responsibility of nurturing a child and all that it entails, is a privilege.

Gotta go: it’s ‘Red Day’ at preschool today, and my son couldn’t be more excited!


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Continuing on my self–disclosure kick…

The other evening I flipped open the chair you see above. It’s a great chair, it’s been through a lot of vomit as I related in another post.

If my Little Man needs a snack or juice in the living room, he sits in this chair. It’s also nice on a Saturday morning to sit around, drink coffee, eat muffins, read the paper, talk about what we are doing that day… all sitting around the coffee table on big comfy chairs.

Yesterday evening I was opening said chair to relax in it; it opens into a futon and it’s exactly my size when opened up… Yes, I know it’s for children, but I’m five-feet tall.

I opened it up and just before I laid down on it, I saw what I thought was a yellow lego.

“Oh, I’ll just pick that up,” I thought. I leaned over to pick it up, pulled on it and it stuck to the chair…

Legos don’t stick to fabric…

Looking closer, I now realized that I was holding a dried-up piece of American cheese; the last time I gave my son cheese and crackers in his chair was a week ago…

I am quickly losing my reputation for being neat, tidy and almost an anal-like cleaner…


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