‘Our Kids’ Resource!

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 Just want to let you know about a GREAT resource for DC Area parents!

It’s Our Kids!

This website lists indoor activities, outdoor activities, performing arts, classes, and resource guides to camps, fairs…

and the list goes on.  Basically, Our Kids is a terrific place to find activities and resources for kids and parents in the  

DC metro area.  

I just visited this website and all the resources are free-

OR- you can pay $26 a year to be a member and get special discounts on events and enter giveaways.

Either way- it’s a great site,

Check out Our Kids today :)



Speaking Of Great Blogs For the DC Area…

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apiss I’m continuing my Shout-Outs today to tell you about a FANTASTIC RESOURCE for parents in the DC Metro Area.  It’s A Parent In Silver Spring.

If you haven’t gone to this blog, do so (after you finish reading this).

This site gives you TONS of stuff to do in the DC Area.

It’s written by a fellow DC Metro Mom Contributor.

I frankly don’t know when this woman sleeps,

but she does, because she is super sweet and always looks great when I see her :)




Go to Hershey!

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  We just got back from Hershey Park and what a great time it was!

If you’ve never gone- Go!

The drive is EASY from the DC area: just get on 270 and drive straight, I mean it.  270 becomes 40, and 40 becomes 15, you then make 1 exit and that’s it, until you see signs for Hershey Park.  It takes 2 hours, with no traffic, 2 hours and 15 minutes with traffic… it’s SO EASY!

They’ve expanded their waterpark, it now contains a big wave pool, with cabanas, and a lazy river ride.

We were there for 2 days and didn’t even take our bathing suits, if you want to do the waterpark stuff- devote a whole day to it.

AND YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!  There are touchless hand sanitizers at the entrance to every kiddie ride:  you just put your hands under the box and it sprays your hands with hand sanitizer… BEST IDEA EVER !!!!!

And the bathrooms- because Moms care about this: 

All the bathrooms have touchless soap dispensers, touchless water faucets, and touchless paper towel machines !!!!!!!  YEY !!!!  No germs, or almost no germs!

If you can go on a weekday- DO IT!  We went on Thursday and there were no lines for rides; by Friday, there were lines, but still do-able.  I wouldn’t even attempt to go on a Saturday, it must be So crowded.

Next year we’re going on a Monday and Tuesday.

Click here for Hershey Park coupons and packages available!

During the month of June, for example, go to any DC area CVS, Dairy Queen, or Quiznos and pick up $12 off coupons for regular admission!

YEY- go to Hershey- the sweetest place on earth !!!



Photography Giveaway on ‘BananaBlueberry Giveaway’ Page !!

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BananaBlueberry Happily Announces the first BIG Giveaway in it’s history! And what better item to giveaway to readers than pictures of your KIDS ??!!

You’ll notice up above that there is now a ‘CURRENT BANANABLUEBERRY GIVEAWAY’ Page!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a full-time Nanny who also in the past year has started her own on-location photography business! She has a degree in Elementary Education, so she knows how to get great shots of your kiddies!

Click on,

CURRENT BANANABLUEBERRY GIVEAWAY! and leave a comment! That’s it! You’ll be entered to win a FREE 2 hour photography session AND lots of FREE prints!

There’s also a 25% discount to ALL BananaBlueberry readers!


And check out Kate’s website: Katushka Prints to see her great work!



Giveaway open until Friday, May 29th at 6pm!

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