Cartoons Don’t Make Sense

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It’s almost summer and most of the time my little guy and I are outside, at the pool, or at the park. But running around outside all day is fairly exhausting to me, so we usually need some down time in the late afternoon.

The other day we turned on WordWorld, a wonderful show that teaches children how to read, plus it’s pretty clever and cute.

So we’re watching it, leaning back on our couch and it occurred to me that the dog on WordWorld is the only animal that can’t talk; the duck can talk, the bear, even the frog and the ant can talk. An insect can talk but not the poor dog?

And then I thought, ‘Dogs can never talk on cartoons, they are everybody’s, even other animals’ pets… Why is that?’

Oswald the Octopus has a pet dog that can’t talk… His friend Daisy can talk and she’s a PLANT! And I’m not even acknowledging the fact that Oswald lives on land and not in the sea.

Pluto is another dog that can’t talk… and his owner is a mouse, 
granted, a very famous mouse, but still, just a mouse. 
Poor Pluto, he is also the only cartoon dog to be subjected to being in the same cartoon with 
the only dog in cartoon land that can talk and wears clothesGOOFY! 
How must Pluto feel? Why isn’t Goofy a pet?

The inconsistencies in cartoons are maddening; 
Maybe not maddening, but definitely annoying.

Seriously, Dora and Diego’s parents let them run all over the place on adventures with monkeys and baby jaguars.

And speaking of parents, where are Max and Ruby’s parents? No wonder Ruby gets so annoyed with Max, she’s basically raising him by herself… and I think she’s supposed to be about 8!

And while we are on the subject, Madam Butterfly (on Oswald the Octopus) is the only main character on that show that has a job, 
AND SHE IS A SINGLE MOTHER. She’s always in a good mood too. She has a kind word for anybody and everybody…

Maybe cartoons are more accurate than I first thought.

Or maybe I need a hobby…

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