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Next week I have our moms meeting for my son’s preschool class.

I have already prepared a very short speech, so parents are not frightened or offended…

It goes like this:

“Ladies, so nice to see you all that I know and so nice to be able to meet the rest of you.  You may know my son already, he’s probably introduced himself in the morning when you’ve dropped off your child.  If my Little Man approaches you, recites your address to you, then tells you the best way, in his mind, to get to your house… don’t be alarmed.  He is not stalking you or your child.  He just loves maps and has been studying the class list and everyone’s addresses.”

I’ll then have to go on and say:

“Ladies, just one more thing.  If my son asks you what kind of car you drive, or has already memorized what kind of car you drive, and comments on it, he is not being a snob.  He has no idea how much a car costs… any car.  He simply LOVES CARS… ALL CARS.”

I purposely never discuss prices of cars with him.  I don’t want him to even unconsciously start thinking 1 car is better than another because it is more expensive.  Or vice versa.

I think the speech will do the job.  Of  course, the girls moms will not really understand what I am talking about, but the boys moms will all just nod their heads.

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