Art Project: Make Steering Wheels From Paper Plates!

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steering wheels Got a car-obsessed, truck-loving kid?

I do.

There are cars and trucks ALL OVER my house…

and steering wheels.

‘Steering wheels?’ You may ask…

Why yes, steering wheels.

They are really paper plates, but the minute they are cut and decorated with symbols, they become…

steering wheels.

My son LOVES them and HIS FRIENDS do too.

We have All car brands represented, and he likes to pick a favorite-of-the-day to take along with him in the car.  He ‘drives’ in the back seat, we keep extra steering wheels in the car for friends and THEY drive in the back seat too, in our car.

Ahhh, imagination :)

How do you make a steering wheel?  Well, we’ve done research here in our house (trust me), and we’ve found the best site to find ALL DIFFERENT BRANDS of cars and thus, pictures of steering wheels, is CarMax.  Click on whatever ‘kind’ of car steering wheel you want (Toyota, Chevy,etc.), click on a specific car, and there will be pictures of it,

Click on ‘More Photos’ under each car and there is always a close up of the steering wheel.

Isn’t that cool?

So now you know,

and you’re the Cool Mom :)

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