I’m Sure Glad My Son is Riding Without Training Wheels Now- Because I’m Riding A Bike Now Too!

The Schwinn 'June' Coaster Bike

I have not ridden a bike since childhood.

There- I said it.

I’ve never been ‘big’ into bikes (don’t throw stones, you mountain-bike-weekend-trip-enthusiasts!!).

But it’s funny how life can change in an instant, with a whimsical choice…

Our family went down to Bethany Beach a few weeks ago, while at the very same time- my son had just taken his training wheels off his bike.  I remembered that there was a bike rental shop right in the heart of Bethany and asked my son if he’d like to rent a 2-wheeler for the week, He LOVED the idea and in the next moment I decided that I would rent a bike, then my husband decided he would rent a bike too…

So we spent our Beach Week riding bikes as a family-

~A place I couldn’t imagine getting to in our lives back when I was cleaning up snot or vomit or changing diapers.  We were ‘that family’, riding along, with the ocean breeze at our backs, that you glance at and think, ‘Isn’t that nice?!’

I enjoyed it so much that I thought about getting a bike at home.  So then we packed up everything and drove back to ‘reality’ and left the beach behind.  I arrived home to find a week’s worth of mail in our entry way, even though I had  ‘stopped’ the mail… ‘Great’, I thought, as my son trounced through the catalogues and bills mangling up in a even bigger mess.  I reached down to gather a first pile up and on the top of the pile was a flier from Performance Bicycles (where we got my son’s bike) announcing they were having a huge sale- that weekend… (karma ?!).

The next day we all went to the bike store and I bought the Schwinn ‘June’ Coaster Bike (with automatic shifting!) and I love it…

and I LOVE that my son and I are riding our bikes together.

You’ve come a long way, baby!

The Tide at the Beach

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Yes, I think that’s it.

I think you get so relaxed at the beach because the sound of the waves

is the background music of the day and night.

Hope you’re not in an office today!




Ah, The Beach!

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Ah, The Beach!

We’re at the beach this week.  I’m sitting here on our porch- looking at the ocean.

It’s amazing how quickly you relax at the beach; I think it’s hearing the wonderful rumble of   the tides at all times.

See Ya!

Go To The Beach This Time of Year!

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Bethany Beach Doesn’t this look idyllic? It was.
This past weekend we spent at the beach! It was beautiful weather. Wonderful friends of ours gave us the keys to their beach house and we had a fantastic time.
Consider going down to the Eastern Shore this time of year- Bethany Beach, Dewey, Rehoboth Beach;
things are still open, the weather is nice, and every shop is having a sale.
And rates are much less than ‘high season’.
Consider it for the spring too-
It’s a short drive from DC and a nice ‘getaway’.

BONUS: There are outlets in Rehoboth and right after the Bay Bridge :)



Bethany Beach on Mother’s Day

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    We spent Mother’s Day weekend at Bethany Beach.  It was quiet and peaceful and wonderful.  You know how crowded Bethany Beach gets?  Look at these shots-

To the North-


And to the South-


These were taken Friday afternoon.  Saturday turned out to be beautiful, so there were a few more people on the beach- but that’s it :)

We played on the beach, went out to dinner, visited FunLand in Rehoboth on Saturday afternoon (opening day- it’s open for the season now), played some more and had a great time.

We ‘cut a swath’ through the outlets on the way home on Sunday too!

If you’ve read below, you know that my son woke up bright and early on Monday morning with Strep Throat, but he’s been on antibiotics since Monday morning, feels fine now, and life is back to normal.

And a good weekend was had by all !

On a lighter, navel-gazing note: It doesn’t matter how long you go to the beach-if you go for a month or just a weekend, you still need ‘all the stuff': beach toys, all the beach stuff, etc. etc.




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I am at the beach this week… in a big beach house
with my parents,
my brother and his wife, their 1 1/2 year-old son
and my husband and 4 1/2 year-old son.

I’ll try to post when I can although I cannot promise because we are all going to be fighting over the dial-up- no wi-fi.

On a cheery note- I have not been to the beach FOR A WEEK in 2 years…

I’m looking forward to making sandcastles,

sitting in my beach chair… and that’s about it :)

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